NXT Rings Opening Bell to Announce Major Updates At Cryptocurrency Exchange HitBTC

NXT Rings Opening Bell to Announce Major Updates At Cryptocurrency Exchange HitBTC

Today, cryptocurrency exchange HitBTC has unveiled its redesigned site along with the addition of the much-awaited NXT currency. The added features and changes have been a result of user comments and are aimed at making HitBTC the number one choice among novice and advanced traders.

Traders will benefit from 0% fees on any NXT order for the first two weeks. NXT was added as part of the coin vote contest where currency pairs compete for their place on the exchange by collecting user and guest votes.

Main changes include a redesign of the trading terminal UI to accommodate many pairs, yet make their presence the least intrusive possible. A guest mode now permits unregistered users to explore the markets effortlessly. For those seeking to integrate HitBTC quotes to their website or blog, it is easy to build a widget of any colour and size instantly on the HitBTC widget page.

API traders are now welcome to take Market Maker contracts and maximize their trading experience. Upon providing a fixed volume at a fixed spread, a user can potentially earn up to 21,000 USD and are granted 0.1% rebates on their limit orders activity. Participants of the program are sent daily reports with their orderbook snapshots with a real-time reporting platform.

Today, HitBTC has more than 10 currency pairs, with several cryptonotes among them: XDN, BCN and XMR added as a result of Market Makers contracts. HitBTC is committed to its users and is always improving its platform, listening to suggestions and adding the most community-requested currencies.

About HitBTC

Founded in 2013 with 6 million euro venture capital, HitBTC provides trading services to institutionals, merchants and individual traders. The HitBTC trading platform is known for its state-of-the-art matching engine, multi-currency support (EUR, USD, GBP) as well as its friendly customer service. The company cooperates with several large banks, for SEPA payments are processed the same day and deposits are charged no commission fees, as for worldwide market SWIFT transfers are accepted. The platform’s dependable API is extremely stable and will satisfy the needs of algorithmic traders and provides an easy back office integration.

For more information about HitBTC please visit: http://hitbtc.com/

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