HitBTC Adds Nextcoin to Their Bitcoin Exchange

HitBTC Adds Nextcoin to Their Bitcoin Exchange

Recently the cryptocurrency exchange HitBTC announced the addition of Nextcoin (NXT) to their list of altcoins already traded on the exchange. The good news didn’t stop there as HitBTC also unveiled a redesign of their website and added features. These additions came as HitBTC received feedback from their users as well as a community vote on which coin to add. Nextcoin was the lucky winner of last rounds voting. The cryptocurrencies Bytecoin, Monero and duckNote are already traded, and HitBTC has announced they will be adding Isracoin (ISR) to that list in the next few weeks.

With all the different Bitcoin exchanges out there, it is important that companies stay ahead of the competition by offering services other exchanges cannot or do not offer. HitBTC does just that by offering 24-hour customer service, easy back office integration and a stable API that will satisfy the needs of any algorithmic trader. HitBTC cooperates with several large banks and SEPA payments are processed same day with no commission fees on deposits. Their low trading fees of only 0.1% on every market trade is enticing alone.

While these features are impressive, perhaps the most-impressive feature is how they response to their users. HitBTC is actively engaged and listening to their users. Users vote for which currencies to add and after talking with a HitBTC representative I was told that they are working on adding a market depth graph and improving several sections of the site that users had suggested needed some tweaking. With more than 10 currency pairs including EUR/GPB and GBP/USD as well as outstanding customer service, it’s easy to see why people use HitBTC. At HitBTC, users have a voice.

With the addition of Nextcoin, HitBTC has made several improvements and features to their site and logo. There is now a guest mode where users or guest can check the market, charts and order books without having to log in. Their interface is user-friendly, and the entire site looks and feels seamless. The trading terminal UI has been redesigned to accommodate many pairs while remaining as unintuitive as possible. API traders are also able to take Market Maker contracts to maximize trading. After setting a fixed volume at a fixed spread, users can potentially see large gains while being granted a 0.1% rebate on their limit order activity.

HitBTC strives to provide a trading platform for all types of traders by catering to both the novice and experienced traders. The stable API allows for low latency data and execution feeds, which means your bots trader runs smoothly. There is demo trading for the beginners or those who want to test out new trading strategies. HitBTC even offers users a widget page where those who would like to integrate HitBTC quotes to their website or blog can easily build several different kinds of widgets to add to their page.

Clearly HitBTC is excited to announce their newest addition to their exchange going so far as to create a Nextcoin mascot – fondly named GLEFU – specifically for the addition of Nextcoin to the exchange. They are currently offering 0% trading fees on any NXT order for the first two weeks.

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