BitcoinGet Launches CoinRebates, Enabling Bitcoin Rewards for Shopping

BitcoinGet Launches CoinRebates, Enabling Bitcoin Rewards for Shopping

Yacko, LLC, the company behind BitcoinGet, today announced the launch of CoinRebates, a new service that allows online shoppers to earn "cash back" in bitcoins.

Through its affiliation with over 300 online retailers, CoinRebates enables shoppers to earn rebates, in the form of bitcoin payments, for every dollar that they spend at their favorite stores. By paying out exclusively in bitcoin, CoinRebates allows anyone in the world to enjoy the fastest and highest-paying rebates possible.

For over two years, Yacko, LLC has strived to make earning bitcoins easy and enjoyable for everyone. Their effort in BitcoinGet, which allows users to earn by completing small jobs and surveys, has become a leading destination for bitcoin rewards. For many in the Bitcoin community, BitcoinGet was their first reliable source of bitcoin earnings. Yacko, LLC hopes to bring the excitement of earning bitcoins to even more people with CoinRebates.

"We believe there is no easier and better way of getting involved with bitcoin than earning it," said Matthew Cheung, CEO of Yacko, LLC.

"Unfortunately, mining or asking your boss to pay you in BTC aren't exactly easy ways. An important piece in Bitcoin's road to mainstream adoption will be figuring out how to make it easy and fun for everyone. We are excited in the opportunity CoinRebates has in contributing to Bitcoin's success."

About Yacko, LLC

Founded in 2013, Yacko, LLC is a developer of online games and rewards programs. Operating out of Cambridge, Massachusetts, the company creates products that engage and reward users from all around the world.

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