PayPal Survey Asks Questions Regarding Bitcoin

PayPal Survey Asks Questions Regarding Bitcoin

In a recent PayPal survey regarding online shopping and payment methods, PayPal asked Reddit user SwiftBoatVet whether or not they used Bitcoin as a method of payment for goods and services. That's when Vet startedtaking screenshots of the questions that PayPal began asking once they said yes. CCN. In a post on Reddit, Vet stated, "Halfway through, the questions changed to Bitcoin specific. There were about four to five pages comparing PayPal and Bitcoin." The questions, documented throughout this article, were asking Vet to rate PayPal against Bitcoin on a scale from one to ten; one being....

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It is very troubling to realize one could access someone’s financial account without answering the security questions. The most commonly used online payment methods are not necessarily the safest option. PayPal, while globally used among consumers and retailers, is such an example. There is a newly discovered authentication bug which allows hackers to bypass PayPal’s 2FA security. Not the news most people were looking forward to, but third-party service providers are inherently insecure. While it is good to see PayPal take these authentication bug submissions to....

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The 2016 Bitcoin Survey Supports 11 Different Languages

One of the main questions people often wonder about is who is using Bitcoin these days. The 2016 Bitcoin Survey by the Bitcoins in Ireland team will bring us one step closer to find out the answer as a total of eleven different languages are now supported. Even though the results of the 2016 Bitcoin Survey will not be able to tell the complete story as to who uses Bitcoin and why, it may certainly provide some valuable insights in the end. Last year’s version showed some impressive results as well, although the number of supported languages was relatively then.

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The World Economic Forum (WEF) has identified blockchain technology as one of its six mega-trends in a new report broadly aimed at outlining the expected transition to a more digital and connected world. Compiled by the WEF's Global Agenda Council on the Future of Software and Society, the report included the results of a survey of more than 800 information and communications executives and experts. Perhaps most notable among the poll's findings is that those surveyed believe the "tipping point" for government use of the blockchain will occur by 2023. For purposes of the survey, blockchain....


There will be a future where people will use Bitcoin, and they won’t even know they’re using it. At that point it’s everywhere — it’s a part of global finance, it’s a part of our everyday lives. In the same way using email was very difficult and the edge of technology… it’s always difficult, it’s problematic, it’s painful to use, and we’re at that point in Bitcoin right now. The point where we’re beyond it is the point where people don’t think of email as the bleeding edge of tech because it works so well everyone uses it… I think it’s going to get to that point.

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