BitFiniti takes blockchain conferences in a new direction

BitFiniti takes blockchain conferences in a new direction

Don Tapscott headlines BitFiniti – The Blockchain Experience which is a uniquely formatted, high-energy blockchain conference premiering at the legendary Fontainebleau Miami Beach hotel Oct 30 – Nov 2. BitFiniti features use case-based discussion and Q&A with leading industry, blockchain, cause, and media experts from Microsoft, Consensys, Fast Company,, HIMSS, Pledge Music, New America, the A21 campaign and more.

BitFiniti is unique because of its two-day focus on real blockchain use cases, center-stage presentations from dozens of leading blockchain startups, and an audience of diverse industry thought leaders and early stage investors.

Panels are composed of both industry and blockchain experts and are designed to have blockchain hype collide with industry expertise.  Panel discussions include financial services, supply chain management, healthcare, digital rights, insurance and more. All speakers will also be available for more intimate Q&As following both days of the main event.

Never before have so many leading blockchain companies taken the mic for themselves.  At BitFiniti, several dozen blockchain companies will take control of center stage for 10 minutes each to present, explain and showcase how they are applying blockchain tech. BitFiniti creates a unique opportunity for early stage blockchain companies to have the full attention of industry leaders and investors, while providing attendees with insights into an extraordinary number of use cases. Each presenting company will also have a networking station at BitFiniti in a presenter’s only gallery.

BitFiniti features a pre-conference “Warmup” on Oct 30 specifically designed for industry thought leaders and early stage investors looking to better understand the technology and how it will disrupt their lines of business.  A half day of round table discussions will follow the main event.

The mission of BitFiniti – The Blockchain Experience is to elevate blockchain tech into the thoughts and conversations of mainstream industry thought leaders and early stage investors and to provide them with valuable, applicable content and networking opportunities.  This all takes place at one of the best venues in the world for business and pleasure – the Fontainebleau Miami Beach hotel.


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