Top 9 NFT and Crypto Airdrops For September 2022

Top 9 NFT and Crypto Airdrops For September 2022

Airdrops are one of the best marketing methods for cryptocurrency startups to promote their projects. There are different ways to do it, but it essentially involves sending free tokens to crypto users’ wallets in exchange for promotional work. One of the most successful airdrops in crypto history was DFINITY, a Swiss nonprofit blockchain company that airdropped $35 million worth of DFN tokens, between $500 – $2500 worth of DFN to users who signed up to protocol’s mailing list before April 4th, 2018. The best NFT and Crypto Giveaways in September We have compiled September’s top....

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Crypto airdrops are a marketing strategy used by startups to give tokens to existing cryptocurrency traders for free or in exchange for minimal promotional work. For most crypto investors, there is nothing more important than making a return on their investment. Thanks to the volatility, this can be done quickly or it can be a hugely difficult task. That's why crypto airdrops are an inexpensive way to make additional returns on your portfolio. After all, airdrop tokens are free and never hurt, right?Almost daily there are new crypto airdrops, with some easier to obtain than others. Not....

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