XOXNO the Leading NFT Marketplace on MultiversX Announces Support for Fiat Pa...

Press Release: Users of the XOXNO all-in-one NFT marketplace can now buy and sell NFTs with EUR or Romanian RON through any Visa or Mastercard. 


7th November 2022, Bucharest, RomaniaXOXNO has announced the integration of fiat payments to its all-in-one NFT marketplace, with support for EUR and the Romanian RON. The MultiversX-based NFT marketplace was launched in early 2022 and is currently registering a monthly trading volume in excess of $1 Million USD.


XOXNO Launches Fiat Payments 

With a thriving NFT marketplace already established on the back of EGLD token payments, XOXNO is expanding to facilitate the use of fiat payments for all users. The integration will allow users to buy and sell NFTs using both EUR and the Romanian RON with any Visa or Mastercard. 


But the support doesn’t stop at just buying and selling – users of the all-in-one NFT marketplace will also be able to mint new NFT assets with these two fiat currencies. The integration is a huge step forward in increasing the use of NFTs for mainstream enthusiasts and was made possible by XOXNO partner Twispay, the leading payment processor in Romania. 


What is XOXNO?

XOXNO is the largest NFT marketplace and aggregator on MultiversX, previously known as Elrond. MultiversX is the first blockchain protocol to combine all three (state, network, transaction) sharding aspects in an adaptive architecture that maintains the highest level of scalability and security. For this reason, XOXNO chose to build its all-in-one NFT marketplace on MultiversX’s advanced, scalable blockchain architecture. 


The XOXNO Marketplace

XOXNO’s innovative marketplace offers a huge variation of tools for both users and creators, allowing them to achieve what was never possible before. As the leading NFT marketplace on MultiversX, all major tokens on MultiversX are also supported as a payment method. 


Built into the marketplace is an automatic mechanism for distributing royalties on each NFT sale back to the creators. What makes this even sweeter for sellers, is that XOXNO has among the smallest fees for all NFT sales, capped at 1%. 


Although it has only been in the NFT space for less than a year, the XOXNO NFT marketplace already boasts a current monthly trading volume exceeding $1 Million USD. With all of the upcoming improvements to the platform, XOXNO is well-positioned for further growth in 2023. 


Advanced Features

The new support for EUR and RON with Visa and Mastercard is just the latest feature, building on an already impressive platform. This now means that thousands of new users can be onboarded from across the globe, and finally have access to NFTs, via more traditional Fiat methods of payment. 


The additional supporting features added, build on a foundation of an already impressive set. These include:

  • Liquid sell offers
  • Peer-to-Peer NFT Swap
  • Bulk purchases of NFTs 
  • Private offers
  • Bundle sells of SFT packs


A unique feature that is emerging in the Web3 industry now is the concept of NFT staking, and XOXNO has its own advanced NFT staking pools with plenty of options and rewards. Users can now stake their NFTs to earn additional rewards such as $EGLD. Another great feature is the advanced graphs and aggregated analytics that the marketplace developed to help users get an overview of the ecosystem across all marketplaces.


A Marketplace for NFT Users & Creators

XOXNO has placed a special focus on NFT creators with the introduction of a self-onboarding launchpad to streamline the whole creative process. Added to the fact that creators can now mint NFTs with fiat currency and any MultiversX tokens, XOXNO has become a suitable marketplace for both hardcore crypto users and casual enthusiasts that prefer to use their Visa or Mastercard for payments instead. 


The XOXNO NFT marketplace offers users plenty of unique features that benefit buyers, sellers, traders, and creators alike. A self-onboarding launchpad is a fantastic feature for creators & new fiat payments are a game-changer for EU users to buy, sell, or mint their own NFTs. Anyone interested in getting involved can check out the XOXNO NFT marketplace here


XOXNO Socials

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Media Contact Details

Contact Name: Mihai-Daniel Eremia

Contact Email: [email protected]


XOXNO is the source of this content. This Press Release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

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