DigitalTangible Announces the Launch of Its Peer-to-Peer Gold & Bitcoin Marketplace and Precious Metals Priced in Bitcoins

DigitalTangible Announces the Launch of Its Peer-to-Peer Gold & Bitcoin Marketplace and Precious Metals Priced in Bitcoins

DigitalTangible, a leader in digital hard asset finance and bitcoin marketplaces continues its rapid expansion with the launch of its Peer-to-Peer Gold and Bitcoin Marketplace. DigitalTangible customers can now list their gold bullion confidently and new buyers, anywhere in the world, can find premium gold deals at lower prices for immediate purchase and delivery. DigitalTangible enables this Peer-to-Peer Marketplace via its global network of professionally insured and bonded custodians.

DigitalTangible was created to deliver hard asset investing to customers seeking new ways to diversify into all forms of real tangible wealth, while lowering investment cost and delivering increased transparency via its patent-pending Proof of Custody innovation.

DigitalTangible’s expanded Peer-to-Peer marketplace functionality allows customers to buy and sell their physical gold holdings under custody represented by digital gold tokens linked to the Bitcoin Blockchain. Current customers of DigitalTangible who purchase gold on the platform have a new avenue for liquidity previously unavailable to them. Gold investors can now choose from user-listed sales at potentially no premiums and the wide catalogs of Agora Commodities and Amagi Metals with premiums as low as 1.87% over spot.

DigitalTangible also announces the launch of its Priced in Bitcoins real-time chart data of the top precious metals markets including Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium. This commodities industry first allows commodity investors anywhere in the world to monitor precious metals in Bitcoin as well as USD.

According to DigitalTangible Founder and CEO Taariq Lewis,

"The strong demand and immense success of our initial sales volumes push us to expand our capabilities in serving the customer who lacks a well-established marketplace for buying and selling gold with speed, transparency and liquidity. Online gold marketplaces already exist, but we are now lowering the marketplace transaction costs borne by investors, something that was previously impossible to deliver."

DigitalTangible continues to lead the market with new offers such as free overnight shipping to custodians as well as discounts on selected gold products to its newest customers.


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