Agora Commodities Launches DigitalTangible’s Bitcoin4Gold Widget

Agora Commodities Launches DigitalTangible’s Bitcoin4Gold Widget

Agora Commodities, one of the first and most successful gold bullion dealers to accept bitcoin in the industry, partners with DigitalTangible to exchange physical precious metals for bitcoin. Via DigitalTangible’s distributed exchange platform, Agora’s verified customers can exchange their physical precious metals for bitcoins by using Agora’s preferred wholesale partners.

Customers receive their bitcoins to their DigitalTangible wallet within less than an hour on receipt of their precious metals. With DigitalTangible, Agora now offers a completely FinCEN compliant precious metals route into bitcoins for investors.

As the US business cycle moves from bust back into relative stability, gold investors are looking to exit their precious metals positions in search of higher returns. While the US economy continues to strengthen, and inflation remains low, gold does not offer the investment appeal it did during the recession. Agora is a proactive precious metals dealer; they offer their customers a route into a non-stagnant asset such as bitcoin that additionally provides rapid and secure settlement rails back into gold.

Agora customers use a DigitalTangible powered gold-bitcoin exchange widget on Agora’s site to value their gold in bitcoins. The widget is constantly updated to provide the most current precious metal to bitcoin exchange rates. Customers then download their Bitcoin web wallet software from the DigitalTangible platform which also provides instructions for physical gold delivery. Gold quality is an imperative and all customers’ gold go through a comprehensive inspection process. Upon successful inspection, customers then receive bitcoins within 1 hour into their DigitalTangible wallet.

Joseph Castillo, a US Marine Combat Veteran and gold dealer expresses his desire to stay innovative:

“Many of my customers are savvy investors who successfully trade the business cycles. Allowing them a fast flow between assets has bettered their experience with Agora, thanks to DigitalTangible. A majority of my customers who received bitcoin have used it to return back into gold when bitcoin’s price periodically moves aggressively upward.”

Taariq Lewis, Founder and CEO of DigitalTangible, is happy to help Agora expand its services to its smartest customers:

“Agora Commodities has been ahead of the curve since its inception. Joseph truly understands his customers' need of wanting to move easily both in and out of gold with speed, confidence and security. With DigitalTangible, he is able to allow customers the easiest route from precious metals into digital currencies.”

Agora Commodities:

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