Leading Multichain Payments Solution Utrust Announces Polygon Integration

Press Release: Leading cryptocurrency payment solution Utrust adds support for Polygon transactions, bringing benefits like multi-chain transactions, faster speeds, and cheap gas fees to users.  

17th October, Braga, Portugal Utrust has added support for USDT on Polygon transactions to its digital payments solution platform. The new addition stands to benefit users with its Web3 infrastructure, multi-chain capabilities, and cheap, lightning-fast transactions. 

Building Bridges with Polygon

Utrust is a team of bridge builders. The ultimate goal of every decision the company makes is to empower users with the tools to make financial decisions freely. In order to achieve this, Utrust is continually seeking to take advantage of the world’s most cutting-edge technology.

With the addition of Polygon support to its payment solutions platform, Utrust is integrating one of the industry’s premiere multi-chain solutions, ensuring seamless, fast, and inexpensive for all users. The Polygon integration also opens the door to a new future of collaborations, integrations, and support for other exciting new solutions.

A Multi-chain Future Powered by Utrust

Polygon is one of the biggest emerging cryptocurrency blockchains, boasting Web3 infrastructure for a multi-chain future. By integrating USDT support for it, Utrust ensures its users can benefit from the use of USDT payments while avoiding any of the drawbacks associated with the ERC-20 network. 

The main benefit of the Polygon network is bandwidth, with transaction speeds up to 200 times faster than that of Ethereum. The network is also carbon negative and currently has the largest dApps ecosystem in the world. 

The other big benefit is the gas fees or lack of them. Anyone who has used ETH-based coins for any length of time will have experienced the fluctuating gas fees on the Ethereum network. With USDT payments on Polygon, Utrust users will see a reduction of up to 99% in gas fees.

More Integrations to Come 

Although the Polygon integration is an exciting announcement for users, Utrust believes that there is far more potential with the network’s technical capabilities. Utrust is fully exploring the possibilities that come from adding new chains and all that it can bring to its payments experience. 

Utrust is always looking to make things faster, cheaper, and much more simple for everyone. With integrations like Polygon, Utrust will continue to make crypto payments more accessible and interoperable to mainstream users and businesses. 

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