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Dvision Network

Bitcoin Press Release: Dvision Network have announced its integration with blockchain oracle solution Chainlink, bringing accurate NFT item costing and secure, provably-fair rewards to its VR Ecosystem.

January 7th 2021, Seoul, Korea – South Korean-based VR Content Ecosystem Dvision Network has announced an integration of its technology with market-leading blockchain oracle solution Chainlink. Chainlink’s Decentralized Price Feeds, will enable Dvision Network users to accurately estimate the cost of NFT item creation in its VR marketplace. Additionally, Chainlink’s Verifiable Random Function (VRF) will enable the secure, provably-fair random generation and distribution of on-chain rewards to its users. 

What is Dvision Network? 

Dvision Network is a pioneering new VR metaverse on the blockchain, which aspires to set the new standard of what is possible for the VR user experience. By utilizing the exponential potential of Blockchain and VR technologies, Dvision network will create an unprecedented and inclusive virtual ecosystem for businesses, designers, and regular users. 

The South-Korean powerhouse aims to establish an efficient VR ecosystem with a new concept, addressing the arising issues in the VR industry. Dvision offers high-quality pieces of content in the VR-City, and a customization of the virtual space in the VR-Space and essentially expands the VR ecosystem via its VR-Market, introducing its unprecedented NFT ecosystem.

Blockchain Oracles And Smart Contracts: A Perfect Match?

Blockchain oracles are devices or programs that enable (on-chain) smart contacts to interact with off-chain data and systems outside their native blockchain. This relationship allows the smart contracts to execute on-chain functions based on real-world data and events such as web APIs, IoT networks, and blockchain data-centric networks. 

This new ability to use external data in smart contract applications has been a massive breakthrough, greatly expanding the amount of use cases possible on blockchains. The only caveat with this optimal relationship is that the oracle is responsible for executing the smart contract and must have a level of security and reliability equal to the underlying blockchain. 

Chainlink Decentralized Oracle

Chainlinks decentralized blockchain oracle uses a unique flexible framework preventing any one point of failure whilst allowing users to receive data from external sources. The initial intergration with Division Network will leverage Chainlinks hugely successful decentralized price feeds as the primary oracle solution in the NFT marketplace. 

Chainlink Price Feeds will be used to calculate the exact gas fees incurred when creating NFTs, ensuring users have access to accurate, up-to-date data on the true costs of using the network. Chainlinks Price Feeds were selected exclusively for their best-in-class features, including:

  • High-Quality Data: Price data is sourced from premium off-chain data aggregators, leading to a volume-adjusted market-wide price aggregated from hundreds of exchanges as opposed to any one exchange.
  • Decentralized: Price Feeds are decentralized at both the data source and oracle level, providing highly available and manipulation resistant oracle services.
  • Secure Nodes: All oracle nodes are run by known and experienced blockchain DevOps, bringing users reliable services to users.
Dvision Networks Provably Fair Random Gaming Rewards

Dvision Network will integrate Chainlink VRF to power the distribution of chance-based rewards to users who accomplish certain tasks. Chainlink VRF is an on-chain random number generation (RNG) solution that the oracle nodes, external entities, or even Dvision developers can tamper with.

This shift represents a huge advancement in the space, enabling a provably fair and on-chain verifiable source of secure randomness that any user can independently audit. in-game items or NFT attributes can now be proven as both randomly determined and distributed, ensuring each user has a fair chance of receiving rewards.  

Dvision Network CEO Jung Hyun Eom stated: 

“By using Chainlink to access reliable price feeds and determine the distribution of random NFT rewards, Dvision users have assurances that the digital goods created by their gameplay will be based on provably fair systems, as well as be exchangeable on the open market for fair-market values and governed by economic models that are permanent and stable,” 

Dvision and Chainlink: A decentralized Vision 

The core values supporting the Chainlink blockchain oracle perfectly align with the vision of Dvision Network, which aims to build a truly decentralized blockchain platform. Dvisions new integration with Chainlinks Verifiable Random Function and Decentralized Price Feeds are a game-changer for the VR industry, with a new found level of trust and security for not only the ecosystem, but the entire VR industry. 

To Learn more visit Dvision Network – https://dvision.network/

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