Dvision Network Collaborates With Enjin to Connect 5 Blockchain Networks

Dvision Network Collaborates With Enjin to Connect 5 Blockchain Networks

Blockchain-based metaverse platform Dvision Network announced a collaboration with leading nonfungible ecosystem provider Enjin. As part of the development, Dvision will deploy Enjin’s APIs to connect its metaverse to five different blockchains. More options for Dvision Network users with Enjin collaboration Dvision revealed more details of the collaboration in a blog post on its Medium […]

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Dvision Network Bringing a New NFT Experience on Enjin Blockchain Network

Dvision Network has emerged as one of the fastest-growing NFT and blockchain gaming protocols in recent months. The blockchain protocol has made significant progress since its inception and continues to create new milestones. The latest is a partnership with the leading NFT ecosystem provider and creator of the ERC-1155 token standard Enjin. Enjin is a significant stakeholder in the NFT sector and has played a crucial role in developing blockchain-based gaming, metaverses, and NFT projects. Dvision migrates to Enjin blockchain Dvision has migrated to the Enjin blockchain and will now....

Dvision Network Announced “Dvision World” Will Launch on November 1st

PRESS RELEASE. The blockchain-based metaverse Dvision Network has announced that their metaverse known as ‘’Dvision World’’ will be launched on November 1st, 2021. This event is anticipated to herald a new era for the not only Dvision ecosystem but also for the whole metaverse industry. Moreover, Dvision is holding a special NFT giveaway event, calling their users for action to pre-register and secure their spot before the metaverse goes live. Dvision World goes LIVE in 2 days! Dvision Network has shared details about the launch in a press release on its Medium....

Dvision World Set To Launch After Successful Open Beta Test

Dvision Network is set to launch Dvision World, a robust and diversified NFT marketplace powered by a blockchain-based metaverse. Dvision World uses the combined power of augmented and virtual reality to bring an immersive metaverse to its users. The launch of Dvision World signals the beginning of a new era as the ecosystem goes through […]

Coinbase Custody to Support Dvision Network (DVI)

PRESS RELEASE. Blockchain platform Dvision Network has revealed that digital asset custodian platform ‘’Coinbase Custody’’ will be providing a cold-storage solution for its native token DVI. Major development for Dvision Network Dvision Network stated that the development had been in the works in recent months with the blockchain cooperating closely with the Coinbase Custody team during this period. This culminated in Coinbase Custody officially approving the DVI token and supporting it within their custodial service. It should be noted that Coinbase Custody follows....

Dvision Network set to migrate to Binance Smart Chain through the bridge 

Dvision has already announced their readiness to launch on BSC in their blog post and also started a countdown in their website, which pinpoints to the official launch of the bridge on 20th May.As part of the development, Dvision Network will be integrating a BEP20 version of its token.  The blockchain-based NFT Metaverse platform will […]