DigitalTangible Launches Bitcoin4Gold Service

DigitalTangible Launches Bitcoin4Gold Service

DigitalTangible, Inc, the #1 technology platform and marketplace for bitcoin and precious metals, introduces an industry first: Bitcoin4Gold. Verified owners of physical gold bars and gold coins can now trade their gold for bitcoin using the DigitalTangible’s Web Wallet and network of gold dealers for same day settlement. Partnered with premier precious metals dealer Agora Commodities, DigitalTangible now offers a completely FinCEN compliant precious metals route into bitcoins.

Gold investors seeking shelter from the lowest gold prices since 2009 are looking for alternatives. Bitcoin, although still volatile, shows ongoing promise as an emerging store of value that was once held by gold. With quantitative easing ending, and interest rates projected to rise, gold’s value will remain under continued sell pressure.

DigitalTangible’s partnership with registered bullion dealers, including Agora Commodities, allows gold investors to trade their physical gold bullion and coins for bitcoin at wholesale bids through a fully integrated, bona fide, precious metals selling process.

To receive a quote for their gold bullion, customers first register and download their Bitcoin web wallet software from the DigitalTangible platform. Gold quality is an imperative and all customers mail their physical gold bars or coins to Agora Commodities and its gold wholesaler, Dillon Gage of Texas, for inspection. Customers then receive bitcoins within 24 hours into their DigitalTangible online wallet from a leading gold dealer such as Agora Commodities.

Joseph Castillo, CEO of Agora Commodities, comments on Bitcoin4Gold:

“As an experienced gold dealer, I understand that, at this juncture of the economic cycle, gold will continue to test new lows while increased Bitcoin awareness pushes its price to new highs. The team at DigitalTangible continues to introduce more and more traditional gold investors to bitcoin, and we're excited to partner and serve this new growth in demand.”

Taariq Lewis, Founder and CEO of DigitalTangible, states:

“As bitcoin continues to gain legitimacy as a reliable store of value, we expect that more gold investors will flock to bitcoin. No longer will investors need to worry about placing faith in central monetary authorities, because bitcoins cannot be debased like fiat currency. In addition, storage and transportation costs will no longer be a concern. The gold investors who enter early will benefit as new demand for bitcoins positively impacts its value.”


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