DigitalTangible Launches Its Physical Gold & Bitcoin Trading Services in Asia

DigitalTangible Launches Its Physical Gold & Bitcoin Trading Services in Asia

Global Bitcoin-Gold platform DigitalTangible, Inc expands its offerings into Asia with new partner Melotic. Global customers can now trade their Bitcoin and gold on the new Chinese crypto-gold trading platform. DigitalTangible offers the fine 1 oz. Pamp Suisse physical Gold bars for trading on Melotic’s commodities markets today.

DigitalTangible allows its customers fast, transparent, and secure control of their valuable hard assets, anywhere in the world while lowering investment and portfolio management costs via its patent-pending Proof of Custody global gold accounting ledger. With DigitalTangible, investors can now convert all their gold holdings into digital money for global transmission and redemption anywhere Bitcoin is accepted and used.

For the first time, customers seeking the lowest possible cost to trade their gold assets can use Melotic’s user-friendly interface to deliver new liquidity options. DigitalTangible customers trading on Melotic will pay transactions fees ranging from 0.05% to 0.25%, a substantially cheaper and more transparent alternative to Gold-Exchange-Traded funds and even some physical gold marketplaces. Additionally, DigitalTangible customers may withdraw their Pamp Suisse tokens from Melotic and redeem them for physical delivery anywhere in the United States or Asia.

According to Melotic’s CEO and Founder Jack Wang:

“Digital Tangible is the only service that links real physical commodities to a blockchain, stores it in provable custody through its gold partnerships, and also enables customers to take delivery of the goods. They have effectively put gold into the Bitcoin Blockchain, which allows customers from all over the world to invest and trade in assets in a way that was previously impossible. Melotic is excited to be a partner."

Founder and CEO Taariq Lewis believes he has the solution to a growing problem:

“We have received immense Asia demand from customers looking to profit from trading between gold and bitcoin. Our solution expands on the Bitcoin Blockchain Protocol to allow anyone to purchase and trade gold assets more flexibly and cheaply than was ever possible before.”

DigitalTangible, Inc:

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