DigitalTangible Launches First Physical Platinum and Palladium Marketplace on the Bitcoin Blockchain

DigitalTangible Launches First Physical Platinum and Palladium Marketplace on the Bitcoin Blockchain

DigitalTangible Inc. announces its offering of physical fine platinum and palladium bullion and coins on its platform at the lowest premiums. All purchased platinum and palladium may be stored in DigitalTangible’s vault-depository network and linked to the Bitcoin blockchain as a tradeable digital token.

The introduction of these assets, in addition to gold and silver, now makes the company a full service precious metals platform. Investors may integrate a completely diversified precious metals investing strategy that includes offshore storage and digital currencies.

The DigitalTangible platform allows investors to manage their portfolio of digitized assets via its HD Web Wallet, catalog and Peer-to-Peer marketplace. Users can buy and sell their valuable hard assets with other wallet owners anywhere in the world. Via its Proof-of-Custody innovation, customers will have unprecedented control, security, and transparency of their wealth, with the lowest portfolio management costs possible. With DigitalTangible, investors can now convert all their physical precious metal investments into digital money for global transmission and redemption anywhere Bitcoin is accepted.

Platinum and palladium have different supply and demand drivers from gold and silver, and this makes them a perfect precious metals compliment in a diversification strategy for not only the preservation of wealth, but for increased and profitable trading.

DigitalTangible Founder and CEO, Taariq Lewis, states:

“We want to empower the modern precious metals investor to have as many choices available as possible. Providing these new metals will make DigitalTangible a one-stop shop for those searching to have control and security of their wealth.”


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