Announces the Acceptance of Bitcoin Announces the Acceptance of Bitcoin, the world's largest online marketplace for designer engagement rings, announces the acceptance of bitcoin for online payments at

Now customers have the opportunity to make a purchase using bitcoin, GE financing, layaway, wire transfer, Paypal and all major credit cards.

"Our customers have asked for this and we listened. Our goal is to be constantly listening to our customers to provide the best possible user experience. We want our customers to feel like part of the team and to help shape the way does business," said Brad Gross, 5th generation jeweler and Co-Founder of has partnered with coinbase to provide exchange at the current spot rate for bitcoin and is excited about this new technology and currency.

Following this same guideline, has also launched its' own line of Signature Engagement Rings - The Signature Collection. We could not be happier with the results from our signature collection. We're offering the most beautiful engagement rings, made in NYC in 48 hours at the most affordable prices. Our Signature collection starts at $450 and is currently 10% off. This is a direct results of the requests from our customers, said Eric Peerless, VP of

About, is a family owned, fifth generation couture retail jewelry business, established in downtown Brooklyn, New York in the year 1910. The original store was named H.L. Gross & Bro. Jewelers, which it still maintains 10 decades later. Now located in downtown Garden City, Long Island, there are currently 3 generations working together at Michael Gross is 4th generation family member and President. Brad Gross is 5th generation family member and Vice President. Helene Gross is 3rd generation and treasurer. is a platinum Tacori engagement rings retailer in addition to being an authorized dealer of several bridal designers including Scott Kay, Martin Flyer, Henri Daussi, Vatche, ArtCarved, Simon G and more. is a member of the prestigious AGS (American Gem Society) and adheres to their strict guidelines of business practices and professionalism. Since is also members of the GIA, Jewelers Vigilance Committee, The Retail Jewelers of America, The New York State Jewelers Association and the Better Business Bureau.

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