OSHI Software Announces Acceptance of Bitcoin Payments and Launch of New Cloud Antivirus Feature

OSHI Software Announces Acceptance of Bitcoin Payments and Launch of New Cloud Antivirus Feature

OSHI Software, a developer of security solutions for Windows-based computing systems, announced that it will now accept Bitcoin payments for purchases of its products, and the company also announced that it has added a new Cloud Antivirus feature to the OSHI Defender.

OSHI Defender New Generation Anti-malware

OSHI Software, a developer of security solutions for Windows-based computing systems, announced that it will now accept Bitcoin payments for purchases of its OSHI Defender Anti-malware product, and the company also announced that it has added a new Cloud antivirus feature to the OSHI Defender software.

According to the Bitcoin community’s official wiki, OSHI Software’s move to accept Bitcoin payments makes OSHI Defender the world’s first anti-malware software solution to accept bitcoins.

"We want to provide multiple, convenient payment options to help people purchase our products and protect their computing systems from malware and other threats," said OSHI Software’s co-founder, Maksim Martianov.

"Adding support for Bitcoin payments helps us ensure that more customers can use their preferred payment methods, and it acknowledges the rapid and innovative impact that Bitcoin is having on global business."

In addition to providing Bitcoin support, OSHI Software implemented a new Cloud Antivirus feature in OSHI Defender, which will deliver additional protection from malicious software. The application’s Cloud Antivirus uses an additional layer of scanning that sends file information to OSHI Software’s secure servers to check for malware and ensure that files are safe. Users can request Cloud Antivirus protection on demand or through a regularly scheduled scan on their computers.

"Our Cloud Antivirus feature will deliver another layer of endpoint protection against malware while offloading much of the data analysis to our secure infrastructure," said Martianov.

"The end result is lightweight and nimble software on the end user’s computer that can provide maximum protection through the speed and power of metadata analysis and processing in the cloud."

OSHI Defender is designed with automatic updating and user-defined scheduling that allows the program to easily scan, clean, and protect computing systems. The product also allows users to surf the Web safely by using OSHI Software’s secure DNS servers to prevent criminals from redirecting browsers to fake websites.

As with all OSHI Software Solutions, OSHI Defender features a simple, minimalist interface that is designed to make the program accessible and easy to use for virtually any computer user.

OSHI Defender is available as a subscription service with a full year priced at $19.99 USD. The product is offered with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Users can download and purchase OSHI Defender by visiting http://www.oshidefender.com/

OSHI Software

OSHI Software is a team of software engineers and security experts that develops computer security solutions as a subsidiary of Aveas Limited. Its researchers continually studies new rootkits and spyware programs to provide customers with innovative detection programs that ensure the safety and reliability of Windows-based computers. OSHI Software is also the developer of the OSHI Unhooker and OSHI Cleaner solutions. OSHI Unhooker is a program designed to detect and remove malicious hooks that often elude normal detection methods, hide their presence in systems, and help hackers gain access to compromised computers. OSHI Cleaner is a file cleaning and computer optimization tool that is designed to automatically remove unwanted computer files, free up hard drive and disk space, help PCs run faster, and improve system stability.

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