Register Domain Names With Bitcoin

Register Domain Names With Bitcoin

All-in-one domain and cloud web hosting platform, Name Hero, announced today the acceptance of Bitcoin for domain name registrations and transfers. The wholesale domain provider realized the demand in the industry for Bitcoin transactions and now accepts payments sent directly from Coinbase or other wallets.

"High demand from our customers as well as our own personal needs made the decision a no-brainer for us," said Name Hero's founder and CEO.

"Bitcoin is the future of digital payments and we want to make sure our customers have the latest technology to ensure their businesses can continue to evolve with the market."

Bitcoin's popularity soared last year as more consumers and merchants became aware of the digital based currency. As the price begins to level off, many coin-holders are starting to adapt to purchasing their online services with ease.

Name Hero's announcement comes as a partnership with Coinbase, a leading Bitcoin wallet and exchange service provider based in San Francisco.

New and existing Name Hero customers can immediately begin paying with Bitcoin to register low-priced TLDs, cloud web hosting, and SSL certificates at Platform users also have the ability to fund their accounts with Bitcoin for future charges.

About Name Hero

Name Hero is a full service domain management platform offering Name Registration and Cloud Web Hosting. Enjoy the flexibility of your website, mobile application, and email on our open cloud by deploying and scaling the services that meet your exact needs without overpaying.

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