Rivalhost.com is Now Accepting Bitcoins as an Official Payment Method

Rivalhost.com is Now Accepting Bitcoins as an Official Payment Method

With growing interest in the bitcoin, Rivalhost.com, a global leader in managed hosting and DDoS protected hosting, announces that it is now accepting bitcoins as an official payment option for clients world-wide. With the growing acceptance of the fast-evolving virtual currency, Rivalhost.com felt that it was time to make the move.

To kick off the rollout, Rivalhost.com is announcing a special offer that includes 5 years of world-class managed web hosting with 100 GB of high speed SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited add-on and parked domains, unlimited emails and databases, dedicated private IP, and a free SSL certificate for a five full years for one bitcoin at the Mtgox market price at the time of order.

"We are a big believer of this new digital currency. Regardless of its inherent volatility, we know the bitcoin will become an important fixture in the global economy in the days ahead. Not many businesses want to be the first to move on accepting bitcoin payment, but we fully support this technical innovation and want to see it grow," says Todd Reagor of Rivalhost.com.

“There are a few ways to purchase bitcoins, some easier than others. There are about one hundred bitcoin ATM machines worldwide right now; but chances are there isn’t one in your city yet. You can also go to coinbase.com and create an account with them. Coinbase is a California based company that facilitates trades between the money markets and the end user. They take the hassle out of all the techy stuff and deposit the coins into a digital wallet that is created once you start an account with them.

Probably the most difficult way is to purchase directly from the market such as Mt. Gox or Bitstamp, as a couple of examples. These funds can be stored in your online Coinbase wallet or you can download a digital wallet which resides on your phone or tablet. Keeping the funds on your phone though is dangerous, unless you keep a backup of your account number. The account number is a long code that is translated into a QR code which makes point of sale purchases very easy. There is no transaction fee to send bitcoins to anyone worldwide and it’s almost instantaneous, making its future potential use highly attractive,” claims Reagor.

"I believe the biggest thing standing in the way of bitcoin is acceptance. More businesses need to discover its value and take the lead. The technology is amazing, and bitcoin providers, like Coinbase and BitPay, are giving merchants more apps and tools to easily accept and process funds. Rivalhost.com is excited to be leading the charge. Rivalhost.com accepts payment for all services offered; including DDoS Protected web hosting, dedicated servers, virtual private servers, domains, and SSL certificates,” Reagor affirms.

About Rivalhost.com

Rivalhost.com, LLC, provides technology solutions to small-medium size businesses worldwide. Rivalhost.com has established reliable partnerships with leading companies such as Globalsign, Voxility, and NSFOCUS to ensure that clients receive a product which is reliable at all times. Rivalhost.com boasts a 99.9% uptime guarantee for those using its service.

For more information about Rivalhost.com’s products and services, please visit http://www.rivalhost.com/

To get detailed instructions how to take advantage of this incredible one time offer by Rivalhost.com, please contact sales by phone at 1-877-575-4678 or by e-mail at sales(at)rivalhost(dot)com.

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