Artist Teresa Piacentino now accepts bitcoins for the purchase of her oil paintings

Artist Teresa Piacentino now accepts bitcoins for the purchase of her oil paintings

Teresa Piacentino, a very well known Argentinean Artist specializing in oil paintings, is now accepting bitcoins for the purchase of her works.

The artist Teresa Piacentino, whose works are in numerous private collections around the world, has introduced a new form of payment that will allow national and international clients to enjoy more options when acquiring one of her works.

Teresa Piacentino is a renowned international artist and, in addition to accepting all conventional means of payment, from now on she also accepts bitcoins as a method of payment for her oil paintings and reproductions.

Bitcoins are a virtual currency that is in a process of expansion. It is a new payment method that avoids most of the problems that other currencies, such as the dollar or euro, have. Bitcoins don't depend on a banking authority, so transactions are private and, as there is a limited number of bitcoins available, suffer no inflation.

Teresa's oil paintings are shipped worldwide. Also, she offers museum-quality reproductions on canvas and on paper.

About Teresa Piacentino: Largely self-taught during her childhood and teenage years, Teresa discovered painting at an early age. She had put her passion aside for various reasons, but she took it up again in 2007 at Nora Corradetti's art studio. There, she found that special place where she could let all the pent up inspiration from her long journey flow freely. This began a stage of search and discovery, of study and hard work, of an intense inner need to put all the accumulated energy, love and joy from her life into her paintings.

Her career has flourished in recent years. With dozens of new paintings every year, Teresa Piacentino is a fruitful and passionate artist.

Teresa Piacentino Web Page:

Teresa Piacentino is a well known Argentinean Artist with a constantly growing career. She's well known for her modern oil paintings and abstract paintings. Her works form part of different private collections around the world.

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