Now Accepts Bitcoins for Air Canada Gift Cards Now Accepts Bitcoins for Air Canada Gift Cards (#YesToBitcoins), an online service advocating the adoption of bitcoins as an alternative to traditional money, is now offering customers the opportunity to obtain Air Canada gift cards using the open source currency.

“If bitcoins can be spent, bitcoins are useful. Our goal is to help consumers adopt bitcoins,” said Darwin Ramon, Founder of YesToBitcoins.

“We aim to help understand the benefits and convenience of bitcoin as a digital currency.”

Effective July 28th, users can go to the Air Canada gift card section ( to select from the various denomination of the gift certificate up to CDN$4000 and pay using bitcoins. The user receives the gift certificate from Air Canada via email.

“All of our transactions are handled quickly and securely by,” Darwin said.

“You are able to purchase gift cards from over 12 different global brands in 9 different countries.”

Air Canada adds to the growing number of global brands in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, New Zealand, Switzerland and United Kingdom that can be purchased via bitcoin payments. The service also covers purchases from Amazon and Starbucks, among other brands.

Industry experts agree that bitcoin is becoming a digitally secure way for purchasing a variety of products and services and bitcoins transactions can be completed using a computer, a tablet, a smart phone or other device to anyone anywhere and at any time. is an online service provider that facilitates payment in bitcoins for products that are otherwise available only in fiat currencies. The website accepts bitcoins for the purchase of Gift Certificates or Gift Cards from over 12 different global brands in over 9 different countries.

To find out more about using bitcoins to purchase Air Canada gift certificates and other gift cards, please visit or follow the company on Twitter: @yestobitcoins

Watch our Air Canada gift cards promotional video at

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