Gyft Opens 50,000 Retail Locations to Bitcoins

Gyft Opens 50,000 Retail Locations to Bitcoins

Gyft, a mobile gift card platform, today announces that it has added support for bitcoin purchases of gift cards on the Android platform, through its partnership with BitPayInc., the world’s leading payment processor for bitcoin.

“Gyft is proud to be a pioneer in the bitcoin universe and we are excited about the possibilities for further innovation on our platform,” said Vinny Lingham, Gyft co-founder and CEO. “By using our existing network of retailers, we are able to offer bitcoin consumers the ability to instantly spend their bitcoins at hundreds of merchants.”

Customers are now able to buy mobile gift cards using bitcoins and redeem them at over 50,000 physical retail locations across the USA including GAP, Lowes, Sephora, GameStop, American Eagle, Sports Authority, Nike, Marriott, Burger King, Fandango, Brookstone, and many more household brands.

“The partnership with Gyft and BitPay blows the doors open to major retail for bitcoin users,” said Tony Gallippi, co-founder and CEO of BitPay. “Any shopper in a participating retail store, with bitcoins on their Android device, can easily convert bitcoins into a store gift card and pay for their purchase. The whole process takes less than one minute and can be done on a single mobile device.”

Simply download the Gyft app (, select bitcoin as the payment method at checkout and make the payment from your bitcoin wallet.

Gyft is a mobile gift card app that allows customers to send, receive, and store all gift their cards as well as check balances for hundreds of supported retailers. With Gyft, there is no need to carry around those plastic gift cards anymore. Existing cards can be re-gifted or new gift cards purchased from top-tier retailers across the USA.

About Gyft

Gyft is a San Francisco based company backed by Google Ventures, 500 Startups, Karlin Ventures and Founder Collective.

To download the Gyft app, go to iTunes or Google play.


About BitPay

BitPay is a Payment Service Provider (PSP) specializing in eCommerce, B2B, and enterprise solutions for virtual currencies. As the world leader in bitcoin payment processing, BitPay offers easy tools to accept bitcoin payments online or in person, with the option to receive the funds as a bank direct deposit.


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