Bitcoin ATMs Go Hollywood (and Venice)

Bitcoin ATMs Go Hollywood (and Venice)

Disruptive retail concept Locali Conscious Convenience continues to shake up the quick-service marketplace with addition of Robocoin branches to its Hollywood and Venice Beach locations- launching this Saturday June 21st. Southern California’s first Bitcoin ATMs are expected to make waves in L.A.’s Silicon Beach and beyond.

Locali Conscious Convenience is known for its specialty in healthy, cutting edge, vegan and organic inspired menu options and its disruptive fast-casual dining and convenience store business model that's made it a hotspot among forward thinking celebrities and foodies. Locali Conscious Convenience is breaking ground once more in a partnership with Expresscoin LLC to launch ZenBox Bitcoin Kiosks powered by Robocoin.

Los Angeles' first two Bitcoin ATMs are also the first in Southern California. Robocoin Chief of Growth Sam Glaser remarked,

"Robocoin is thrilled to help bring Bitcoin to the cultural and economic hub of L.A. alongside Locali, its most influential retail/grocer. The potential here is enormous, particularly with Robocoin's forthcoming remittance update that will let customers send money overseas instantly to any phone #, email address, or Bitcoin addresses."

The inclusion of ZenBox in its Hollywood and Venice Beach locations is a testament to Locali’s mission to deliver a future forward retail experience that resonates with the latest directions in culture and commerce.

ZenBox adds convenience to the revolutionary Bitcoin marketplace with its unique, secure and fast way to buy and sell the popular digital currency.

“We are excited to launch the first ZenBox with Locali because Locali is one of the most forward-thinking and customer-oriented businesses in Los Angeles. Locali has proven itself to be a disruptor of the business status quo which makes it a great fit for ZenBox and addition to the growing Bitcoin community,” said Cailen Sullivan of ZenBox.

Locali is highly-regarded for its low employee turnover rate, organic and quality ingredients, and disruptive sales model. Their Hollywood location is frequented by A-List celebrities and tastemakers alike, and the Venice location is a hotspot for the up-and-coming tech community dubbed “Silicon Beach.”

The addition of ZenBox’s groundbreaking Robocoin kiosks makes this a perfect addition to a company committed to expanding a unique employee-, consumer- and investor-friendly business model.

“The partnership with Expresscoin LLC and ZenBox is in line with the future forward, disruptive retail experience we’ve created through our health focused quick service restaurant brand,” states, CEO Melissa Rosen, “Locali is remarkable not only for our food, but also for embracing the latest and most innovative retail technologies.”

Conceptualized as a "7-Eleven meets Whole Foods," Locali is one of the few quick service restaurant brands to feature an almost exclusively organic deli and natural food market. They continually strive to serve the surrounding appreciative communities in Hollywood and Venice while continuing to change and expand upon the natural food grocery and quick service restaurant model that is ready for both corporate and franchise growth.

About Locali Conscious Convenience

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Locali Conscious Convenience was founded by Melissa Adele Rosen and Greg Horos based on their shared passion for healthy eating and disdain for the status quo. Locali is located in Hollywood at 5825 Franklin Avenue, LA, CA 90028 and in Venice at 701 Lincoln Boulevard, LA, CA 90291.

More information about Locali Conscious Convenience and the menu, may be found at

Localita & The Badasserie is located in Downtown Los Angeles at 817 S. Los Angeles Street, LA, CA 90014 and on the web at

About ZenBox

Zenbox is a network of conveniently-located, completely automated Robocoin kiosks owned and operated by CA Cryptocoin LLC, in partnership with Expresscoin LLC. The company’s mission is to raise awareness of Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies, as alternatives payment methods.

About Robocoin

Since launching the world’s first Bitcoin ATM October 2013 in Vancouver BC, Robocoin has emerged as Bitcoin's leader in Anti-Money Laundering and Consumer Protection. With a combination of patent pending hardware, software, and reporting tools, Robocoin has taken banking's best practices, automated the process and made it even more secure. Robocoin is not just a technological breakthrough for bitcoin, but for personal finance overall. In the past three months, Robocoin has expanded intercontinentally, unveiled the first bitcoin ATM in the U.S., demo’d for Congress and announced the integration of online banking-like features.

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