Introducing the Community’s First True Crypto Debit Card, Issued and Processed by MasterCard

Introducing the Community’s First True Crypto Debit Card, Issued and Processed by MasterCard

BIT-X is proud to announce the official release of its Bitcoin Debit MasterCard, the community's first true Crypto debit card, issued and processed by MasterCard and BIT-X's bank partner.

The BIT-X MasterCard can be used to shop online, pay for goods and services, and withdraw cash at ATMs worldwide using any of a user’s balances in the form of BTC, LTC, USD, EUR or GBP.

Cards are denominated in either USD or EUR and can be shipped anywhere in the world. Similarly, they can be used anywhere in the world where MasterCardTM is accepted; at ATMs, and point of sale (POS) and online vendors. No verification is necessary to begin using the card. User side verification will allow for higher card limits.

There is no need to manually fund cards for each use as funds are situated directly in a user's BIT-X wallet. Once the card is used, Bitcoins are exchanged. These funds are not exchanged before hand, not after but at the time of the transaction, at the current market exchange rate. Price volatility is no longer an issue!

For more information on the BIT-X MasterCard please visit the following:


BIT-X offers users a licensed Crypto-Currency and mining trading platform. Secured with two- factor user authentication, multi-signature addresses & transactions and PCI DSS certification, the platform is efficiently delivered with comprehensive professionalism and meticulous attention to every detail. Trading currencies include BTC, LTC, USD, EUR, GBP and GHs. Mining capacities are provided by BitFury.

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