Give the Gift of Bitcoin for the Holidays

Give the Gift of Bitcoin for the Holidays

CoinTap cards are the perfect stocking stuffer for geeks and they are now for sale on in time for Christmas.

Looking for a unique gift for the techno-geek, gamer, investor or virtual shopper in your life?

Cointap’s gift card makes it cheap and easy to buy bitcoins -- the hot, new digital currency that’s changing how people shop, trade and even pay their bills.

“CoinTap cards are the perfect stocking stuffer for geeks and they are now for sale on in time for Christmas,” says the company’s representative and Bitcoin consultant Ashley Fulks.

“Bitcoins are also a great way to send money back home as a gift for the holidays without the typical associated bank fees. It’s fast, cheap and easy.”

A $50 gift card is redeemable for 50 dollars in store credit, which can then be used to purchase bitcoins at a competitive rate through the company’s website.

“Bitcoins are digital money that can easily be moved around the Internet. Our gift card streamlines an otherwise tricky and time-consuming process of trading your money on a market for bitcoins,” says Fulks.

There are more than 50,000 websites on the internet that accept bitcoin for payment including Expedia, Dell, Gyft, Overstock, DishNetwork, WordPress, TigerDirect and NewEgg. A worldwide directory of vendors accepting bitcoins can be found at

“These days you can buy everything from A to Z using bitcoins – software, music, electronics, home goods, clothing, accessories and even real estate,” says Fulks.

One of the benefits of using bitcoins are that there are virtually no fees. It costs less than five cents to send any amount of bitcoins per transaction, compared to the three per cent taken by Visa or banking fees.

The current value of one bitcoin is $357 USD according to, which is based on the average price on major exchanges. Last year, at this time, a bitcoin was worth $898 USD and two years ago, just $13 USD.

“There’s been volatility in values over the past year, as the world and markets adapt to new electronic currencies, but the reality is, Bitcoin is here to stay. Overall, its value keeps rising because more people are buying, selling and trading bitcoins and interest in alt currencies is up. Bottom line is, it’s a smart technology and a great investment,” says Fulks.

CoinTap cards are available for purchase at Shipment is available anywhere in the world. Order now in time for Christmas.

About CoinTap

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Bitcoin Ventures Inc. was founded in 2013 by a forward-thinking group of business-savvy computer-techs.


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