CardCash Hosting Live Twitter Q&A On Bitcoin, Holiday Savings, and Their New App

CardCash Hosting Live Twitter Q&A On Bitcoin, Holiday Savings, and Their New App

CardCash, the world's largest secondary gift card marketplace, is hosting a live Twitter Q & A Thursday. The session will feature CardCash’s recent adoption of Bitcoin and a preview of the new CardCash app. Additionally, CardCash will be discussing great holiday savings ideas in honor of their 6th anniversary.

CardCash will have an assortment of topics for the Q&A and has said that the discussion will be open for questions from any Twitter users. One topic will be the release of the new CardCash app. New for Android and IOS, the app will allow customers to purchase and store gift cards directly from their mobile devices. “This app has been the biggest request from users for a long time”, said Elliot Bohm, CEO of CardCash, “we are so excited to be releasing it in time for the holidays”. For now the app is being rolled out to a select group of reporters and beta testers.

Bitcoin users all over the country have been celebrating CardCash’s recent acceptance of Bitcoin, allowing Bitcoin users to purchase discounted gift cards. However, as a new payment method, questions about Bitcoin still remain that CardCash plans to address in this forum. Bitcoin will be another discussion topic.

A separate topic of discussion will be a 4% sitewide discount in honor of CardCash’s 6th anniversary.

“We can’t wait to share all these new exciting developments with our customers,” said Steven Weldler, VP of Marketing at CardCash, “there are a bunch of exciting announcements coming in the near future from CardCash - this is just the beginning.”

All are invited to the CardCash Twitter Q&A session at 12 pm to 2 pm EST. Use the hashtag #AskCardCash to join the conversation with CardCash’s Twitter handle @CardCash.

Founded in 2008, CardCash offers the country’s largest and most secure selection of discounted gift cards online. The company has been ranked for three straight years on Forbes’ list of America’s Most Promising Companies, and for four straight years on the prestigious Inc. 500 list of the fastest growing private companies in America.

CardCash raised $6 million in equity funding from Guggenheim Partners in November 2013, and $6 million in debt funding in December of 2014 from Sterling National Bank. Also in 2014 CardCash acquired former rival Plastic Jungle, and entered into a strategic partnership with Incomm, a leading provider of connectivity and integrated point-of-sale technology solutions to retailers.


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