AYKsolutions Now Accepts Bitcoin For VPS, Cloud, Dedicated and CDN Hosting Services

AYKsolutions Now Accepts Bitcoin For VPS, Cloud, Dedicated and CDN Hosting Services

AYKsolutions, a leading dedicated server hosting, shared server hosting, and virtual private server (VPS) hosting provider, announced today that it will now be supporting bitcoin payments in addition to its already extensive list of payment options. This announcement comes in a continued effort to maintain the highest standards of customer service and satisfaction, and is in response to several customer requests to accept bitcoin.

"We have been getting a lot of requests from our clients to make payments with bitcoin recently. Since our goal is to better serve our clients, we have now incorporated this new payment method to go along with our already established ones that include Paypal, credit cards and wire transfer." says Artyom Khmelnitsky, President of AYKsolutions.

About Bitcoin

Released as an open source payment method in 2009, bitcoin has quickly revolutionized online payment for products and services. Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer payment method, requiring no third party or intermediary party to transact payment. This detail makes bitcoin the first ever decentralized digital currency. Having no third party transaction service, bitcoin has much lower transactional fees than other payment processing services, making it an ideal service for customer service focused organizations such as AYKsolutions.

Bitcoin transactions are verified using block sequencing in a public distributed virtual ledger called the “block chain”. Users can offer their own computing power not only as a source of validation for past bitcoin transactions stored in the “block chain” but also as a way to earn bitcoins themselves. This process of computing to earn bitcoins is known as “bitcoin mining”.

To find out more about bicoin and bitcoin mining, customers are encouraged to visit http://bitcoin.org/

Bitcoin payments, in addition to more standard payment methods, are accepted by AYKsolutions for all of their hosting solutions. Whether you need to host your personal website, find a host for your business network, or host your business website, AYKsolutions is an industry leading hosting provider.

About AYKsolutions

Providing web hosting solutions since 2004, AYKsolutions is a known leader in many hosting solutions, including dedicated unmetered hosting. Typical undedicated servers limit the amount of bandwidth available to customers; however AYKsolutions offers plans with unlimited and unmetered bandwidth. The benefits of unmetered hosting servers are many, including greatly increased processing power, greater storage capabilities, and higher security. AYKsolutions dedicated unmetered hosting options are the best in the industry, and will benefit you and your organization greatly.

AYKsolutions offers 1gbps and 10gbps unmetered server plans. These dedicated servers can push and pull great amount of data with no overage costs or fees, instead only a flat monthly fee per server. These unmetered server hosting plans are great for file hosts, or those who want to run their own streaming projects. AYKsolutions offers hosting solutions for any budget or bandwidth usage needs. To find out more about unmetered dedicated server hosting, customers should visit the AYKsolutions Unmetered Dedicated Hosting page.

In addition to unmetered dedicated hosting plans, AYKsolutions offers shared hosting, reseller hosting, cloud based hosting, and VPS hosting solutions. These plans can be fully managed by AYKsolutions to guarantee the highest quality support and security available. Flexible hosting plans are available to suit any individual, business, or network needs throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

For more information about AYKsolutions and its services, please see http://ayksolutions.com/

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