Pythian Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments for Database Management Services

Pythian Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments for Database Management Services

Pythian, the global leader in data management consulting and managed services, announced today at the NRF Big Showthat it now accepts Bitcoin for database management services in an effort to better support its customers, especially retailers. Under this new program, companies can now exchange their Bitcoins for Pythian services, such as database infrastructure management and support, consulting, and big data implementations.

A growing number of global companies—specifically retailers—are beginning to accept Bitcoin as a simplified form of payment, especially in international transactions. Although Bitcoin functions as a secure and universal payment method, these forward-thinking retailers sacrifice revenue by paying Bitcoin-processing companies to instantly convert Bitcoins to dollars. By opening up Bitcoin payments for database management services, Pythian now offers retailers another option: to retain the full purchasing power of their Bitcoins by exchanging them for vital services that ensure their data infrastructures are secure and operating efficiently.

“In the wake of Bitcoin announcements from public companies like Overstock and Zynga, we predict that more retailers will jump on the digital currency train,” said Andrew Waitman, Chief Executive Officer of Pythian.

“Since we serve such a large number of retail customers across the world, we’ve chosen to step in front of this trend and begin accepting Bitcoin as payment for services. This is yet another advancement in Pythian’s mission to provide high-level customer support to meet the needs of our global clientele.”

Pythian consults on and manages mission-critical data infrastructures for customers worldwide, and provides specialized expertise on Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, big data, MongoDB, Hadoop, and more. Pythian’s 24/7 support model ensures customers receive crucial database support from industry-leading database administrators within minutes, no matter the geographical location.

The Bitcoin option is available now to all Pythian customers for data services. For more information about Pythian and its data management services, visit its website at or booth #2233 at the NRF Big Show.

About Pythian

Pythian is a global data systems and outsourcing company that specializes in optimizing mission-critical, high-availability data systems. Pythian blends the world’s leading data experts with advanced, secure service delivery processes to create the industry’s best standard of care for its clients. Since 1997, Pythian has managed some of the world’s largest, most business-critical data infrastructures for companies such as Toyota and National Geographic.

Learn more about Pythian and its elite data experts at follow @Pythian, and find Pythian on LinkedIn at

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