0x takes initial steps towards decentralizing governance

0x takes initial steps towards decentralizing governance

As the price for ZRX surges, the 0x team is taking initial steps towards community governance In a post today on their governance and research forums, the team behind decentralized finance (DeFi) DEX protocol 0x announced initial plans to decentralize their governance by creating a “community-owned treasury seed-funded by 0x Labs.”“As we continue our mission to create a tokenized world where all value can flow freely, 0x Labs intends to experiment with seed-funding a community treasury managed by a DAO,” reads the post. “To establish the DAO, 0x Labs will identify a set of bootstrap....

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The project said it anticipated “an influx of new DeFi projects onboarding into the 0x ecosystem." The network onboarding a large number of decentralized applications aims to hit one million users through 0x’s decentralized exchange liquidity aggregator API.In an announcement today, Polygon said its project would be committing $10.5 million towards securing decentralized finance infrastructure on its network through the support of developers and projects. The project said it anticipated “an influx of new DeFi projects onboarding into the 0x ecosystem” with initial support offered for....

DeFi projects without decentralized governance? What's the point?

Decentralizing finance, governance and technology should be the ultimate goal for the DeFi sector. The role of governance in the booming decentralized finance industry is a nascent one, and there are ongoing conversations from key figures in the industry around its purpose and what governance may look like in the future.Sam Bankman-Fried of FTX recently shared that his firm’s involvement in DeFi will be “motivated by short-term profits and is not seeking to have a long-term impact in protocols via governance.” In doing so, he argued that he’s simply using DeFi protocols for their intended....

TreeDefi Partners Up With Alternative Investment Fund Magneto Capital

DeFi project takes its first steps into the real world TreeDefi is a growing DeFi project that has been active for over 5 months, focusing on tree planting activities through their protocol. As their project has grown further they’ve taken the opportunity to develop the idea by taking their first steps into the carbon credit […]

MahaDAO to Launch Staking Program for MAHA Governance Token

Crypto collateralization platform MahaDAO has unveiled details of a staking program, which will be delivered with the aid of Ferrum Network. The program will allow the community to stake the project’s MAHA governance token, which was recently made available to the public via Polkastarter DEX. The Initial Dex Offering (IDO) sold out in under three […]

Making Sense of Blockchain Governance Applications

Governance has long been one of the most-hyped applications for blockchain technology. However, there's often little clarity about what "governance" means in this context. The term is used to encompass applications ranging from secure online voting, to new forms of political governance, to flawed experiments in decentralized investment funds. First, we need to be clear about what we mean by "governance". Most often the term brings to mind political governance. The institutions that, according to a system of rules and laws, make up our various levels of government.....