What Do Mexico’s Second Wealthiest Billionaire and Arya Stark Have In Common?

What Do Mexico’s Second Wealthiest Billionaire and Arya Stark Have In Common?

Recapping a wild week in bitcoin price action that has drawn out numerous previously-quiet HODLers.

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Mexico’s second-richest man invests 10% of his liquid portfolio in Bitcoin

The 166th wealthiest person in the world has revealed that he has invested in Bitcoin. Ricardo Salinas Pliego, the second-wealthiest man in Mexico, has revealed that 10% of his “liquid portfolio” is invested in Bitcoin (BTC).The billionaire shared a video captured in “a Latin country” depicting banks throwing out garbage bags filled with paper money into a dumpster. He asserted that “paper money is worth nothing,” adding: “That is why it is always good to diversify our investment portfolio.”The video appears to show bags of Venezuelan bolivars being thrown out, including 10,000 bolivar....

Mexico’s Second Richest Man Reveals 10% of His Liquid Assets Are in Bitcoin

Billionaire founder of Grupo Salinas, Ricardo Salinas Pliego said: "Bitcoin protects the citizen from government expropriation."

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We met with Elizabeth Stark in Helsinki where over 17 thousand people gathered for the major two-day Northern European startup event. The Slush conference, aptly named after the weather conditions that couldn’t prevent startup enthusiasts and investors from coming, was held in the biggest exhibition space in the Finnish capital city but at some panels you didn’t even have any elbow room. Bitcoin evangelists and Blockchain practitioners drew out record-breaking crowds, with Elizabeth Stark, a recognized leader on the future of technology, always in great demand. Elizabeth Stark is a....

Bitcoin Billionaire Exclusive Interview

Bitcoin Billionaire is an app created by FizzPow Games, and was published in partnership with Noodlecake Studios. Bitcoin Billionaire was released on the iOS App Store on November 6th, 2014, and was quite a hit with a average 5 star rating from 14,000+ reviews. Today, I’m here to talk with Michael Stockwell, the lead developer and founder of the game as well as FizzPow Games. Starting the game with a dilapidated office and rudimentary mining hardware, you rise through the ranks by “mining” bitcoins, in which you simply tap the screen. Through upgrading your hardware as well as purchasing....

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You may just be an entrepreneur like Tony Stark if you exhibit the signs mentioned in this article. As you’re watching the scene in Ironman 3, where Jarvis, the holographic computer, outfits him with a new and improved version of his ultra-high tech suit of armor, it dawns on you that being an entrepreneur is a great career path. You may just be an entrepreneur like Tony Stark if you exhibit the following signs: 1. You love computers and high-tech stuff. 2. You relish the idea of coming up with innovative products. 3. You want to be your own superhero and live life on your own terms. How....