Bitcoin Miners, Developers Narrow Down How Taproot Will Be Activated

Bitcoin Miners, Developers Narrow Down How Taproot Will Be Activated

We know it's going to happen - the question is when and how.

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Bitcoin Developers Still Divided on Specifics of Taproot Activation

The code for Taproot is ready to go, but developers are still discussing how to deploy the update across Bitcoin’s distributed network.

Bitcoin’s Taproot is ready to go, but it's unlikely to be included in the nex...

Developers don't want to move too fast. The Bitcoin Improvement Proposals 340 through 342 were merged into the Bitcoin codebase on Thursday, signaling that the anticipated Taproot upgrade is ready.Taproot and the associated technology of Schnorr signatures are considered to be the most important upgrade for Bitcoin in the past year. It is primarily a privacy improvement for complex spending conditions on Bitcoin like multisig transactions, time locks and other conditions based on Bitcoin Script.As Cointelegraph reported previously, Taproot hides every additional spending condition beyond....

Taproot Has Been Merged Into Bitcoin Core: Here’s What That Means

Bitcoin’s long-awaited Taproot update is one step closer to fruition.

Taproot Merged Into Bitcoin Core

Taproot, a BTC protocol upgrade designed to improve flexibility and transaction privacy, has merged into Bitcoin Core. The post Taproot Merged Into Bitcoin Core appeared first on Bitcoin Magazine.

Bitcoin Miners Can Now Signal Support for SegWit

Bitcoin miners can now show their support for a long proposed technical update that would boost the network's transaction capacity. Following block 439,488 on the bitcoin blockchain (which occurred at roughly 8:30 UTC today), miners can now upgrade their software by changing a header value in the blocks that they process. Called Segregated Witness (SegWit), the change is best known as a way to scale transactions on the bitcoin blockchain by carving out more space in each block, though it also solves a long-known major bug and expands the software in a few other notable ways. As coded in....