Crypto Reacts: Arrest Of The Alleged Tornado Cash Developer, A Watershed Moment

Crypto Reacts: Arrest Of The Alleged Tornado Cash Developer, A Watershed Moment

What’s the story around Tornado Cash? The U.S. Department of the Treasury made its case in a press release, but the question still lingers. Because, as many people have pointed out, Tornado Cash is not an institution, but a smart contract in the Ethereum blockchain. And according to US law, code is supposed to be […]

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Tornado Cash Token Loses 24% Of Value After Developer Arrest

TORN, the token of Tornado Cash, plummeted by nearly a quarter in the last 24 hours after Dutch authorities arrested a suspected developer for the crypto transaction mixing protocol in Amsterdam on Friday. After the US Treasury added the mixing protocol on its sanctions list, Tornado Cash noticed a significant decrease in deposits and a […]

Is This The Reason Dutch Authorities Arrested The Alleged Tornado Cash Develo...

The plot thickens. Did the supposed Tornado Cash developer arrested in The Netherlands have ties to a Russian security agency? Is a job in 2017 for a company with tenuous connections to Russia enough to justify the arrest? As Bitcoinist told you and reiterated, there had to be another reason that FIOD and the OFAC […]

Ruling to keep Tornado Cash developer in jail for 90 days sparks backlash

A judge ruled that the developer must stay in jail for 90 days while awaiting charges and a court date. A judge in the Netherlands ruled that Tornado Cash developer Alexey Pertsev has to stay in jail for 90 more days while waiting for charges. Puzzled by the decision, the crypto community rallied to demand the release of the developer. In a Tweet, crypto investo Ryan Adams argued that the developer did something good for the public as he wrote the code for Tornado Cash. The community member then highlighted that "a few bad guys" decided to use Pertsev’s code and now the developer has to....

The OFAC Answers Questions About The Tornado Cash Sanctions, Uncertainty Remains

The Tornado Cash situation is a riddle wrapped up in an enigma. Why did the OFAC sanction a piece of software? And why did Dutch authorities arrest a sole developer? Those are not the question we’ll answer today. The OFAC updated the frequently asked questions on Tornado Cash-related matters. The answers focus on the details […]

Tornado Cash Suspected Developer Collared By Dutch Authorities

The Tornado Cash chronicle unfolds. Authorities in the Netherlands apprehended a man suspected to be a Tornado Cash developer in Amsterdam on Wednesday. The Fiscal Information and Investigation Service said that the unidentified 29-year-old man was reportedly involved in money laundering via the decentralized Ethereum mixer Tornado Cash. In the Netherlands, FIOD is the body […]