Further Trends on Altcoin Markets: Litecoin, DASH, ETH

Further Trends on Altcoin Markets: Litecoin, DASH, ETH

Which resistance levels will be decisive for the weekly LTC/USD, ETH/USD and DASH/USD trends? It’ll be those, where the trends are most likely to change direction. One of the predicted scenarios of Litecoin’s price development has played out during this week. $3.25 was a key resistance level, which was broken through and then held by the sellers, after which the price formed a downward trend. Currently the weekly trend is heading downward. The LTC/USD price is recoiling after a downward trend.

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Litecoin continues its tortures around $3.50, and can’t decide which direction to move in next. LTC:BTC tested the level of 0.008 and now tries to jump from this level. While Bitcoin decreases, Litecoin is counterbalancing at around $3.50. A one days growth of the DASH price by 20% came as a surprise, especially after yesterday's growth of more than for 12%. Having jumped from 0.0067 to 0.0087, DASH remains in first place when measured by trading volume, having left ETH far behind. It means that DASH has excellent prospects in the coming year. As a result, the chart of DASH for December....

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Litecoin. This week Litecoin was a very volatile cryptocurrency. In the beginning of the week Litecoin price was under the level of $3.00, but in the middle of the week, in just one evening, the price reached $3.44. From this top the price started falling continuously, without even a short stop at the level of $3.20. Next week we may wait for it to return to $3.00 or maybe even below. DASH. The cryptocurrency of DASH made tremendous jumps and falls. Traders’ heads can begin to spin. DASH began the week a little higher than 0.01, but the growing trend on Friday evening took DASH above....

Daily Altcoin Price Analysis: Dash, Dogecoin, Litecoin

Since August 31st, 2015, when DASH left the largest exchange Bitfinex this cryptocurrency has had to cope with difficult times. Despite its technical originality and regular updates the DASH price continues its downtrend. Most traders are not ready to wait for DASH to be recognized. But, on the level 0.05 - 0.06 it could be a good time to buy, as the number of masternodes isn’t falling, which means that we are talking about speculative attacks.

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The Litecoin price continues to fall from about $3.60 to $3.50 and below. The pressure from the Bitcoin price corrections from the level of $380 has a major influence on the LTC/BTC pair, the ratio was established at the level of 0.095 and shows a trend for further reduction. We need to consider the behavior of Bitcoin (whether it is going to test $420), but the focus is on the pair LTC/BTC. By looking at the two-weeks chart and today we understand that there are no reason to buy Litecoin right now. DASH hasn’t changed its position greatly since yesterday. Now it’s in a downtrend and at....

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December promises to be rich in a variety of news that can affect the Litecoin price. Similarly next week on the cryptocurrency market promises to be very eventful and interesting. We have already seen the dynamics of the Litecoin price last week – its sharp move from $3 to $3.80, and its corrections from $3.80 to $3.50. It’s a beautiful picture for a trader as they can earn both on price growth and its correction. Can Litecoin can stay at $3.50? Not sure, probably it will go down to $3.20 or below. Bitcoin is now on a downward trend, so the connection LTC/BTC 0.01 is abandoned, and....