Cryptor Europe Inc. announces a global public offering of 25 million shares of common stock

Cryptor Europe Inc. announces a global public offering of 25 million shares of common stock

For those unaware of what Cryptor Europe is, you must know what Cryptor Trust is and fortunately, the answer is quite simple. Cryptor Trust Inc. is a global investment group and think tank focused not only in bitcon, but any other crypto related assets. As of right now, Cryptor Trust is the first global investment group with a formal capital structure based on bitcoin without the need of a bank account. Another thing that makes Cryptor Trust unique is the fact that they only sell their shares for bitcoin which is unseen nowadays by a company seeking funds. Cryptor Europe Inc. on the other....

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Crypto Trust Inc seeks to raise 25.000 BTC

The World’s First Corporation With a Formal Capital Structure Based on Bitcoin Seeks to Raise 25,000 Bitcoin Today, Cryptor Latam Inc., an innovative investment company and Think Tank focused on bitcoin and crypto related assets, announces the launch of its capital raising campaign. With a world-class advisory board and board of directors candidates, the company plans to serve the bitcoin ecosystem by becoming a long term investor for booming businesses in the bitcoin and crypto related sectors. Cryptor Latam Inc., part of the Cryptor Trust Inc group, is the world’s first corporation with....

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