ShapeShift Adds Ripple to Instant Altcoin Exchange

ShapeShift Adds Ripple to Instant Altcoin Exchange

ShapeShift has integrated Ripple, the second largest crypto-currency in terms of market cap, into its instant exchange platform. Users anywhere in the world can now buy or sell Ripple (XRP) instantly with bitcoin or over a dozen other cryptocurrencies. As the digital currency ecosystem continues to expand, integration between platforms is accelerating. ShapeShift, which launched in the third quarter of 2014, has risen quickly as a convenient way to buy or sell leading digital assets. Currently, the instant exchange has integrated over a dozen currencies including Litecoin, Peercoin,....

Related News Integrates Monero and Counterparty, is an instant online cryptocurrency exchange that provides instant currency exchange between many cryptocurrencies without having to open an account. This Thursday, announced it was integrating Counterparty (XCP), along with Moner (XMR) into its platform. Customers anywhere in the world will now be able to buy or sell XCP or XMR instantly with Bitcoin or over two dozen of other cryptocurrencies with the exchange platform., was launched in August 2014, and in less than a year it has become a market leader. is now the.... Adds XRP

Instant cryptocurrency exchange platform today announced to integrate Ripple (XRP) - the world's second richest cryptocurrency by market cap. The coin will now be exchangeable with 13 other cryptocurrencies, also available on the same platform. They include: Bitcoin, Darkcoin, Peercoin, NuBits, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Blackcoin, Namecoin, Feathercoin, BitcoinDark, Quark, Namecoin, Reddcoin and NXT. Earlier this month, also launched a special 'Shifty Button' to its platform, which allows merchants to accept payments in BTC by instantly converting the altcoins at....

PayCoin Delisted from amid Fraud Concerns

Instant altcoin exchange chose to remove PayCoin from their platform. Today, altcoin formally removed PayCoin (XPY), GAW CEO Josh Garza's controversial altcoin, from their list of accepted coins. Citing PayCoin's (alleged) broken promise to buy PayCoins at $20 each, ShapeShift considers PayCoin a fraud. Also read: Coin-Swap Retires Some Altcoins. PayCoin Delisted from ShapeShift made the announcement in a Reddit post. They explain that they originally added the coin due to customer demand but decided to remove it after allegations that....

ShapeShift Launches The Shifty Button: Easily Accept Altcoin Payments

Instant cryptocurrency exchange, ShapeShift has released a new tool that allows website owners that currently accept Bitcoin payments or deposits to now accept any ShapeShift supported altcoin. Known as the Shifty Button, the company’s new tool works by placing a simple HTML code into any payment page. By inserting the Shifty Button HTML code on web pages that need to enable a check-out process, the user is able to deposit leading altcoins, supported by ShapeShift, and the coins will be automatically converted into Bitcoin for the website owner. ShapeShift currently supports Litecoin,.... Doubles Down With Winklecoin

CCN received the following press release this morning from SWITZERLAND, April 1, 2015 - has integrated Winklecoin (WNK), into its instant exchange platform. Customers anywhere in the world can now buy or sell WNK instantly with Bitcoin or over two dozen other leading cryptocurrencies with Winklecoin, masterminded by Olympic rowers and internet entrepreneurs Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, is now available for exchange in increments of two.