DBS Blockchain Hackathon

DBS Blockchain Hackathon

“ARE YOU A BLOCKCHAIN ENTHUSIAST, A HARD-CORE CODER, A DESIGNER OR JUST A HACKATHON OBSESSOR? IF SO, JOIN THE DBS BLOCKCHAIN HACK FOR AN INNOVATIVE TWO DAYS OF EXCLUSIVE BLOCKCHAIN CHALLENGES AND API ACCESS FROM TOP FINANCIAL INSTITUTES – AND SOME SERIOUS HACKING.” If you visit the DBS Blockchain Hackathon web page, this is exactly what you are greeted with. The hackathon will have a meeting on April 16, 2015 to where attendees can discus ideas and get acquainted with one another. The main event will be on May 8-May 9 — 48 hours of pure blockchain innovation.

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Thomson Reuters along with EY and others is organizing a blockchain hackathon in Switzerland. The future of blockchain looks bright, thanks to increasing adoption of Bitcoin’s underlying technology by leading industry segments. Innovation holds the key to widespread implementation of distributed ledger technology across industries. Thomson Reuters, along with Ernst & Young and other blockchain players are trying to facilitate such adoption by organizing a Blockchain Hackathon. The two-day blockchain hackathon is being held over the weekend, between 27th and 29th January 2017 in Baar,....

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