Bitcoin Can Be A Gamechanger During The Holiday Shopping Season

Bitcoin Can Be A Gamechanger During The Holiday Shopping Season

The holiday shopping seasons is almost upon us once again, and everyday consumers are more determined than ever before to secure some special discounts or deals. Buying something for friends, family, or loved ones, has become part of the holiday seasons, but that doesn’t mean deals and discounts become less important; More importantly, can Bitcoin play any major role in the “bargain” holiday shopping this year? As a retailer, offering discounts to consumers has become increasingly difficult over the past few years. Ever since the financial crisis hit in 2008, retailers have faced an uphill....

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First Mover: Vaccine Won’t Come Fast Enough to Avoid More Stimulus

A rise in coronavirus cases, hospitalizations and deaths could dent consumer confidence and retailer revenue during the crucial holiday shopping season.

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Bitcoinist is excited to give away a total of seven KeepKey hardware wallets to our readers this holiday season! Keeping the Holiday Spirit. The holidays are meant to be spent with those we love and care about. Of course, we know you love and care about your bitcoin savings as well. Which is why Bitcoin and KeepKey are keeping the holiday spirit and showing appreciation to our readers with our 2016 Holiday Season Giveaway. We’re giving away a total of 7 brand new KeepKey hardware wallets to any lucky participant. Got some bitcoins for Christmas? Spilled some egg nog on your paper wallet?....

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