New Stagefright Bug on Android Puts An End To Bitcoin Privacy

New Stagefright Bug on Android Puts An End To Bitcoin Privacy

The number of exploits and security threats on the Android platform does not seem to be coming to an end anytime soon. A new StageFright exploit puts millions of Android devices at risk of being hijacked, leaving phones and tablets vulnerable to remote hacking. Bitcoin users should be especially wary of this exploit as it could their funds at stake. So far, no devices have been confirmed to be safe from harm, as security researchers exploited various phone models over the past few days.

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Mobile security for Android users seems to be tough to achieve these days, especially when considering how the source code of the Stagefright Metaphor exploit has been released into the wild. NorthBit, the Israeli security company responsible for the publication of this code, mentioned how only Nexus 5 devices are vulnerable to the software in its current form. That being said, it is relatively easy to target any device by any manufacturer, and Bitcoin users will need to be more vigilant than ever for the time being.

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