RewardsPay Announces Partnership with Coinbase, Empowers Online Shoppers to Pay Using Bitcoin

RewardsPay Announces Partnership with Coinbase, Empowers Online Shoppers to Pay Using Bitcoin

This integration is just another step toward a reality in which consumers can purchase anything and everything using the digital currency.”

RewardsPay, Inc. (, an innovative payment platform that enables frictionless redemption of loyalty and rewards points at online merchants, announced today that it has teamed up with Coinbase, a trusted bitcoin wallet and payment processor, to allow customers to easily pay for thousands of products at leading online merchant sites using the digital currency.

“We are thrilled to provide new and existing users additional ways to spend bitcoin,” said Roger Gu, Business Development Manager at Coinbase.

“This integration is just another step toward a reality in which consumers can purchase anything and everything using the digital currency.”

Merchants can enable bitcoin payments in a simple and straightforward process. Customers simply select the RewardsPay payment button on the checkout page of a merchant’s website. Customers can decide how much of the payment to make with bitcoin, combining it with a credit card if they choose, and RewardsPay facilitates a real-time split-tender transaction that draws from the customer's Coinbase account.

“Adding support for Bitcoin was one of our most exciting projects to date,” said Anu Shukla, founder and CEO of RewardsPay.

“Coinbase is an ideal partner due to their bank-level encryption and high security payment processing. We are confident in their technology and also excited for the business that this will bring to our merchants.”, the world’s premiere source for women’s shoes, is among the leading merchant partners accepting bitcoin through RewardsPay. “It is an honor to offer bitcoin payments as an option to our customers,” said Eric McCoy, CEO of “It shows that not only is committed to giving our customers more and better ways to pay, but to staying ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest technologies. And thanks to RewardsPay, the integration was quick, simple and seamless.”

For more information, or to see the complete list of RewardsPay merchants accepting bitcoin, customers can visit

About RewardsPay

RewardsPay is a consumer payment service that enables consumers to use credit card reward points, cash rewards, hotel points, airline miles and Bitcoin to pay for items at leading merchant websites and applications. Consumers can use RewardsPay to purchase fashion apparel, gifts, music, movies, books, games and more from online merchants including iTunes™,, Boozt, World Golf Tour and many others. RewardsPay enables reward programs including Discover’s Cashback Bonus®, Choice Hotels Choice Privileges® and others to improve customer loyalty and redemption, while merchants benefit from a boost in sales conversions and increased basket sizes. Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Mountain View, California, RewardsPay has a seasoned management team with decades of combined experience in alternative payments, loyalty and rewards, payments, and games.

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