Savvy Bitcoin Users Earn Over $8M in 3-Months with Major 536% ROI Upgrade

Savvy Bitcoin Users Earn Over $8M in 3-Months with Major 536% ROI Upgrade

The customers who invested with us early on shouldn't have to pay the price for us maintaining our trade secrets.

Bitcoin miners were excited to find a sudden surge in profitability after a major announcement by leading cryptocurrency hardware provider, GAWMiners. The announcement detailed the company's plans to offer a free path to upgrade its legacy customers to the company's revolutionary new bitcoin product, Hashlet Prime.

Hashlet Prime stands as the company's latest flagship product, leading its Hashlet family of bitcoin miners which took the cryptocurrency industry by storm earlier this summer generating over $12M in sales within weeks of release. Boasting features such as zero pool fees, upgradeability, access to the most profitable pool in the world, and the ability to mine multiple algorithms, Hashlet Prime is widely considered the most powerful bitcoin mining product in the world.

While Hashlet was in development, undergoing months of R&D, hundreds of GAWMiners' customers purchased millions of dollars worth of its previous flagship product, The Vaultbreaker which broke records this June when it launched. Since then, Hashlet Prime was announced while Vaultbreaker orders were still being fulfilled, CEO Josh Garza announced that the company would honor all requests to upgrade Vaultbreaker customers to the latest Hashlet Primes, which command over 5x the price pound-for-pound. Instead of having to pay thousands for an upgrade, Vaultbreaker customers were given the choice to do so for free.

"The customers who invested with us early on shouldn't have to pay the price for us maintaining our trade secrets" explained Garza as he outlined why his company would offer such an enticing deal. "Giving our earliest customers the same opportunities as our customers today should be the bare minimum. That's why we're doing this upgrade for free."

The announcement comes to the relief of many as companies such as KnC and Butterfly Labs have set the tone in the industry for drastically late shipments and stealing customer mining time with their own products. The later has even been shut down by the FTC as it investigates false advertising and fraudulent practices.

The free upgrade announcement, made in the popular bitcoin community, on the other hand was met with great celebration with a post receiving over 1000 responses within hours. GAW’s decision produced $8m+ of profit for Vaultbreaker customers who mine cryptocurrencies like bitcoin with GAWMiners.

Garza ended the announcement with a bold statement to the community:

"This is only the beginning. GAWMiners is here to stay."

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