As Litecoin Hits New Heights, ForexMinute Adds New Section for Litecoin

As Litecoin Hits New Heights, ForexMinute Adds New Section for Litecoin

As Litecoin Hits New Heights, ForexMinute Adds New Section for Litecoin. Now, it will cover the next best thing in digital currencies called litecoin.

Litecoin is emerging as a popular choice among digital currency fans; understanding the trend, ForexMinute, a leading online portal for Forex brokers’ reviews and Bitcoin news, has announced that it has brought in a special section for ‘litecoin.’ Now, it will cover the next best thing in digital currencies called litecoin.

According to Jonathan Millet, the CEO and founder of ForexMinute litecoin is a revolutionary currency and an attractive trading asset for traders in the last couple of months. Some brokerage firms and digital currency exchanges have started offering litecoin as well. Every passing day litecoin is getting acceptance from various quarters.

Mr. Millet is of the opinion that there is a huge requirement for information from readers and traders who wish to know about the new digital currency, litecoin and for that his organization which has been catering the similar requirement for Bitcoin, has come up with the ‘litecoin news’ section.

He also said that litecoin is quite new compared to Bitcoin, not many traders and individuals know about it; however, with the addition of the ‘litecoin news’ section, they can all learn everything about the digital currency. Soon ForexMinute will also bring litecoin brokers’ reviews so that traders can find out the brokers to trust in.

The Latest Litecoin News Traders May Trust

Mr. Millet says that his organization was the first to provide Bitcoin news to traders and bring reviews of the Bitcoin brokerage firms such as AvaTrade, TitanTrade, ZoomTrader, SetOption, Plus500, etc. Now, he will try replicating its success in Bitcoin to litecoin. He admits that as only few brokerage firms are offering litecoin trading services, reading the reviews is important.

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