GoGreenSolar.com Completes World’s First Solar Installation Paid Entirely in Bitcoin

GoGreenSolar.com Completes World’s First Solar Installation Paid Entirely in Bitcoin

GoGreenSolar.com helps customers turn alternative currency into renewable energy. This southern California-based solar solutions provider recently completed the world’s first solar installation that was paid exclusively in Bitcoin, a digital crypto-currency for peer-to-peer transactions on the internet.

Bitcoin is a global network of monetary transactions, which are secured by military-grade cryptography and sent directly between users. Bitcoin has been receiving world-wide news coverage over the last year, consequently experiencing dramatically price fluctuations. After a tumultuous year, one bitcoin is worth more than $860 USD. Many have described Bitcoin as volatile, particularly following its plunge in value during December 2013.

“We help customers turn bitcoins into solar energy, which is has a guaranteed ROI,” explains Deep Patel, CEO of GigaWatt, the parent company of GoGreenSolar.com.

“Allowing our customers to use this open source currency makes solar more accessible and it aligns with our core belief in decentralizing power.”

Glenn and Sandi Williams of Huntington Beach, California are now the proud owners of a complete 5 kilowatt photovoltaic (PV) system purchased entirely in Bitcoin. The Williams’ system pairs 20 Enphase microinverters with 250 Watt solar panels manufactured by Sharp in Memphis, Tennessee.

“We were very pleased with the customer service throughout the process and personal attention given to us,” says Glenn Williams of his experience with GoGreenSolar.com.

“Helping customers like Glenn and Sandi use Bitcoin to invest in solar energy is highly gratifying,” says Patel. “We’re proud to offer this service.”

This progressive solar company empowers people like Glenn and Sandi Williams to invest Bitcoin in the energy of the future. GoGreenSolar.com clients are making history by turning decentralized, digital currency into reliable energy from the sun.

About GoGreenSolar.com

GoGreenSolar.com is a value-added eCommerce store that is owned and operated by GigaWatt, a multi-faceted solar energy corporation that guides homeowners, contractors, businesses, and utilities through the entire installation process.

As a leading online destination for solar electric systems, GoGreenSolar.com functions as the primary distribution channel for this horizontally integrated corporation.

GigaWatt also designs and installs solar electric systems as a licensed C-10 Electrical Contractor #972791.

Core competencies of GigaWatt include distribution, installation of photovoltaic systems, and product manufacturing.

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