ForexMinute and Its Forex News Widget is Now Becoming a Big Hit Among Brokers

ForexMinute and Its Forex News Widget is Now Becoming a Big Hit Among Brokers

ForexMinute also brings a Bitcoin news widget which can be installed on portals to help traders and visitors know the latest events and policies.

Forex news widget which can be installed to websites and blogs, is becoming a hit among brokerage firms and blog owners, as they are able to help traders or visitors read the latest news about foreign exchange. ForexMinute also offers a Bitcoin news widget which can be installed on portals to help traders and visitors know the latest events and policies.

ForexMinute has brought in the Forex news widget and is all set to mark its presence in the market. Talking about the Forex news widget, Jonathan Millet, the CEO of ForexMinute said that his organization is providing the latest Forex news collected from around the world.

Updated with the Latest Forex News

Jonathan Millet also says that his efforts always are to provide Forex news and analysis that can help traders do meaningful trading and make a lot of money with informed trading decisions.

When compared with a labyrinth of Forex news widgets on offer from various online portals, the one brought by ForexMinute is reliable and helps traders and customers. Website and blog owners can install the Forex news widget with ease to provide the needed services.

In fact, a source from ForexMinute admits that apart from the latest brokers’ reviews and Forex news, it brings the latest Bitcoin news which helps traders and customers trade the digital currency competitively.

The online portal has carved a niche for its range of Forex tools like the economic calendar, real time forex quotes, exchange rates tool, profit & loss calculator, Pivot point calculator, etc.


ForexMinute, the world’s leading Forex news and views portal, has become a one-stop solution provider for Forex traders and brokers as well as Bitcoins news. It provides all the required tools to individuals to become a professional Forex trader. Also, it helps Forex brokers provide high-end user-friendly trading experience to traders with an array of resources e.g. financial news by the minute, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, Forex tools and others.

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