Bitcoinvention - the First Bitcoin Conference in Asia

Bitcoinvention - the First Bitcoin Conference in Asia

Marketing Manager at Bitcoinvention, Oran Barber is quite optimistic about the first Bitcoin Conference to be held at the Peninsula Hotel in Makati City, Manila, Philippines on February 2014. Talking to Jonathan Millet of ForexMinute he said that this ‘Bitcoinvention’ will certainly give the complete overview of all things related to Bitcoins – from the general ones down to specific details.

Gambling, Laws & Regulation, and Bitcoin Startups on the Agenda

Responding to the question from Jonathan Millet about the agenda of the conference, Oron Barber said that it will cover several main topics e.g. gambling, laws and regulation, and Bitcoin startups and others. He informed that there have been 26 Bitcoin startups and the conference will put effort in promoting them in the front of the stage.

The conference will not just cover western companies but also provide open mike sessions to speak about startups. There will be an intro by the open mike sponsor and then another short session to give and show for the companies. Oron Barber and his partner Eilon Arad who runs a marketing company now located in Manila, Philippines hopes that this conference will give impetus to the cause of Bitcoin in Asia.

Asian Countries Have a Lot of Scope for the Bitcoin Economy

Oron Barber says that Asian countries like Indonesia, Vietnam and China are giving hope as the country has lots of new startups, communities and wallets, and a lot of tech savvy people who support the cause. Even western companies are looking to Asian economies like China, Indonesia, over France, Italy, etc., as these countries provide huge potential for these companies.

Audience will be able to listen to the speakers who will be covering a range of topics.

Most of the attended speakers want to talk about gambling, Forex, law and regulations and platforms, etc. Moreover, as the location of the conference is in the middle of Makati, Manila, which is the home base for lots of related companies, the issues are obviously natural to come.

The event will help companies to get in the Asian market which is though small, has a lot of potential. It will also focus on what to do when Bitcoin is banned in countries like Thailand, and how to evolve so that such an unfortunate eventuality is ruled out.

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