Digital Money of the Future

Digital Money of the Future "Bitcoin" Mingles With U.S Constitutional Money

Ever since Lyndon B. Johnson trumped the U.S Constitution by removing silver from U.S coins (dimes, quarters, half dollar, and dollars), sound money enthusiasts and patriots alike have hoarded these coins and watched their value skyrocket as the price of silver soared.

Agora Commodities is the first and only bullion dealer accepting Bitcoin for the last true form of money the United States utilized in everyday currency. This is unique in that it ties together two forms of sound money; the historical standard of silver, and Bitcoin, the game changing digital currency of the future.

By accepting Bitcoin for 90% junk silver Agora Commodities is helping the world rethink its long confused idea of money and how it is defined.

Agora Commodities is the latest link in the evolution of sound money collection. They offer their clients the lowest premium gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products. They continually seek to provide the fastest, easiest, and safest bullion purchase methods including Dwolla and Bitcoin.

Agora Commodities:

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