Recommending TradeRush for Its New Binary Options Bitcoins Contracts Recommending TradeRush for Its New Binary Options Bitcoins Contracts

Always recommending traders with the most innovative methods for profitable investments, is now promoting TradeRush’s new binary options bitcoins contracts – an innovative trading method which merges the concept of easy and profitable binary options with bitcoins.

TradeRush is a renowned forex and binary option broker with headquarters based in Limassol, Cyprus and London. The broker currently has a large number of online users from every part of the world and is renowned to offer the best and sustaining trading experience, now in the era of Bitcoins.

The portal promotes this kind of bitcoin trading for providing a better and less risky alternative to traders.

A spokesperson confirms,

“We now see the bitcoin prices fluctuating dramatically. For a new currency like it, it creates a bad impression on the traders who originally thought to invest into it and further ruptures its credibility. On the other hand, merging bitcoin trading with binary options genuinely recues one’s latency of facing losses. TradeRush offers just that.” has already recommended TradeRush to traders for providing trading on Forex pairs, Indices, Stocks as well as Commodities, totaling over 80 individual assets. The recent review of TradeRush by also stated the broker as “second to none” and “one of the top binary options providers on the Internet today”. With the innovative Bitcoin trading as its new feature, there is no doubt TradeRush scored a home run this time.

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