Now Recommends Traders to Buy Bitcoins Now Recommends Traders to Buy Bitcoins, the world’s leading forex news portal, is now in the quest of promoting bitcoins to every part of the globe and hence been recommending traders to buy bitcoins for a profitable venture.

A spokesperson from the portal states,

“At, we are now supporting bitcoin trading by providing complete information to traders on how to get used to this fully decentralized money trading platform efficiently. Bitcoin has turned out to be an efficient way to move money around substantially.”

Bitcoin market is new even to a professional trader who might make mistakes when involved in any Bitcoin related process. On the other hand, ForexMinute aims to provide such traders with important information on this digital currency, so that no mistakes occur and they understand and trade in the Bitcoin market easily and efficiently.

ForexMinute has thus listed some of the best bitcoin sellers which help the novice traders in buying bitcoins without any hassle.

“What has brought us to the assistance of traders is the fact there are very few resources on the web that assists them in understanding the concept of Bitcoins. Our portal thus provides you with the most necessary steps to take when looking forward to buy bitcoins”, says the spokesperson.

ForexMinute has also introduced a whole new section that thoroughly discusses even the minor aspects of this crypto-currency. The section includes the information on shorting bitcoins, bitcoin affiliates program, bitcoin trading, amongst other important tips and tricks.

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