Bitcoin Breaks $30,000 As Whales Show Outflow Activity

Bitcoin Breaks $30,000 As Whales Show Outflow Activity

Bitcoin has broken above the $30,000 mark as on-chain data shows whales have been making some large outflows during the past day. Bitcoin Whales Have Made Large Exchange Outflows Today According to data from the on-chain analytics firm Santiment, 11 large BTC outflows were made from exchanges today. The relevant indicator here is the “exchange […]

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Binance saw its biggest Bitcoin outflow in history after $816 million (58,861 BTC) was withdrawn in one day. Binance saw its biggest Bitcoin (BTC) outflow in history on Nov. 3, according to data from CryptoQuant. A total of 58,861 BTC were withdrawn on a single day, equivalent to $816 million.The significant spike in outflows could suggest two things. First, it might show that whales could be bracing for a rally in the near term. Second, an over-the-counter deal could have occurred, causing whales to move their funds.Bitcoin outflows on Binance. Source: CryptoQuant.comOn-chain activity....

Whale clusters pinpoint 4 critical short-term Bitcoin price levels

The Bitcoin (BTC) price faces numerous heavy resistance levels in the near term, whale clusters from Whalemap show. The latest Bitcoin (BTC) whale clusters’ data shows four key short-term price levels could potentially act as resistances, namely $10,369, $10,570, $10,734 and $10,842.The hourly map of unspent Bitcoin from whales. Source: WhalemapWhalemap, an on-chain analysis firm that tracks Bitcoin whale activity, observes areas where whales, or high-net worth individuals, accumulate or move their holdings. Green clusters indicate areas where whales last bought Bitcoin. Given the tendency....

On-Chain Data: Bitcoin Whales Buy The Dip As BTC Drops To $39k

On-chain data shows a sharp spike in the Bitcoin exchange outflows, suggesting whales have been buying the dip to $39k. Bitcoin Exchange Outflows Show High Value Suggesting Whale Activity As pointed out by an analyst in a CryptoQuant post, the BTC exchange outflows have registered a large spike recently. The “exchange outflows” is an indicator that measures the total amount of Bitcoin currently exiting wallets of all exchanges. When the value of this indicator is high, it means investors are withdrawing a large amount of coins at the moment. Especially large values can imply....

Factors That Suggest A Recovery For The ADA Price

Even with the Cardano network hitting seeing good metrics over the last month, the ADA price has remained rather stale in its performance. However, this trend might soon change for the digital asset as multiple developments have emerged that could fast-track its recovery. Cardano Whales Go To Market It is no secret that Cardano whales have often doubled down on their positions even at times when the digital asset has suffered from the bear trends. This has not changed, especially with the most recent dip in the ADA price, which sent the whales into a buying frenzy instead of dumping their....

Bitcoin Whales Show Largest Movement Since 2017

On-chain data shows Bitcoin whales are currently showing the largest movement since 2017. Here’s what it might mean for the crypto. Current Bitcoin Whale Activity Is The Largest Since 2017 As pointed out by an analyst in a CryptoQuant post, on-chain data shows signs of big whale activity not seen since 2017. The relevant indicator […]