TA: Ethereum Forms Bullish Technical Pattern, Why Close Above $1,850 Is Critical

TA: Ethereum Forms Bullish Technical Pattern, Why Close Above $1,850 Is Critical

Ethereum is holding gains above $1,750 against the US Dollar. ETH price is likely setting up for a crucial upside break above the $1,850 and $1,880 resistance levels. Ethereum is showing a few positive signs and it is trading nicely above $1,750. The price is now well above $1,750 and the 100 hourly simple moving […]

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In classical technical analysis, an ascending triangle forms either as a continuation pattern midway through an uptrend or as a reversal pattern at the end of a downtrend. A break out of the triangle (i.e. a candlestick close above the upper channel) signifies a pattern completion, and infers a target of at least the height of the triangle in question. A quick look at the 15 minute price chart on the bitstamp feed reveals just such a pattern, and - therefore - offers up a bullish bias for the latter half of this week. We are currently trading just shy of 237, and approaching the apex of....

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Ethereum is showing positive signs above the key $355 support against the US Dollar. ETH price could accelerate higher if it clears the $365 resistance zone. Ethereum is slowly rising and it is now trading well above the $355 support. The price is currently testing the $362 resistance and is above the 100 hourly simple […]

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It’s been a strange few days in the bitcoin price space. A number of fundamental developments seem to have reversed the negative general sentiment from the beginning of last week, and the bitcoin price looks to reflect this reversal. However, a look at the charts from a technical perspective suggests there could be some medium term weakness. We’ve detailed head and shoulders pattern before, but for our readers that haven’t come across these patterns in our analysis yet, they are a pretty common classical technical charting pattern used in more traditional financial asset trading. They come....

This 'biblical' Bitcoin pattern suggests BTC price can rise 30% by October

Bitcoin's price chart has a target of $28,000 based on a classic, bullish technical pattern. Bitcoin (BTC) may be down 70% from its November 2021 peak, but its rebound move in the past three weeks is raising the possibility of more upside in Q3.Bitcoin eyes 30% price rallyAt the core of the bullish argument is a technical pattern called the "Adam-and-Eve double bottom." Notably, the structure appears when the price forms two bottom-and-recovery cycles. The first cycle, called "Adam," features a pointed bottom, while the other, called the "Eve," is round-shaped. Also, the peaks of both....

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In technical analysis, traders interpret the head and shoulders formation as a strong sign that a trend reversal is in process. Traders tend to focus too much on timing the right entry to a trade, but very few focus on developing a strategy for exiting positions. If one sells too early, sizable gains are left on the table and if the position is held for too long, the markets quickly snatch back the profits. Therefore, it is necessary to identify and close a trade as soon as the trend starts to reverse.One classical setup that is considered reliable in spotting a trend reversal is the....