Crypto Funds Fueling Swedish Neo-Nazis, Blockchain Probe Reveals

Crypto Funds Fueling Swedish Neo-Nazis, Blockchain Probe Reveals

The veil of anonymity often touted as a benefit of cryptocurrency has backfired spectacularly for extremist groups. A new report by blockchain forensics firm Chainalysis reveals that the Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM), a white supremacist organization designated as a terrorist group by the US Treasury, has been using crypto donations to fund its activities for […]

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Sweden and Norway to add Bitcoin VAT - Norway to implement Bitcoin tax

It has been known recently in the news that the Swedish government wants to add VAT on Bitcoin trading after receiving a request by a Swedish man trying to establish a Swedish Bitcoin exchange (you can read the story here in Norwegian). The man that contacted the Swedish government is very dissatisfied with their answer and tries to combat their views on Bitcoin trading. He believes that if Sweden enables VAT on Bitcoin trading, it will become useless as a currency. The Swedish government explains that legal currencies are excepted VAT on trading, however they do not see Bitcoin as a legal....

FBI Joins Probe Into Collapsed South African Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme

In what is seen as a boost for Mirror Trading International (MTI) investors, United States investigators are said to have joined the probe into the collapsed bitcoin scheme. According to a report, the U.S. investigators’ goal for joining this probe is to help “recover the assets of out-of-pocket investors.” FBI Interest Confirmation of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation’s involvement in the MTI case comes just a few days after reports emerged that the scheme’s masterminds had filed an application seeking to stall the liquidation process. As reported by....

Swedish Bitcoin Startup Partners with NGO to Boost Clean Water Access

The Swedish Bitcoin company, BTCX allows people from across the world to make bitcoin donations towards WaterAid. The benefits of bitcoin for the non-profit sector is already well-known. Making use of these benefits is WaterAid, a global nonprofit working towards providing potable water, and ensuring proper sanitation and hygiene to those who can’t afford it. The NGO has recently announced its partnership with BTCX to raise funds for its operations in the form of bitcoins. The bitcoin donation campaign is an initiative of the Swedish arm of WaterAid along with BTCX, which also happens to....